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#fitmom: how exercising while pregnant is beneficial

An increasing number of women are dedicated to staying on top of their exercise game during pregnancy. Working out is great for your skin, after all! Check out three women who prove that you can stay fit, even with a baby bump!

There’s no denying that pregnancy gives women’s skin a gorgeous glow. However, some mothers-to-be – referred to as fit moms – are boosting that radiance by working out during all three trimesters. The trend started back in 2012 and has been growing exponentially with each passing year. The tag #fitmom currently has over 12 million posts on Instagram. It features pregnant women who have managed to keep muscle definition (like abs!) throughout most of their pregnancy, as well as women who have multiple children, but look like they just stepped off of a Victoria’s Secret runway.

So long as you’re healthy, working out while you’re pregnant is perfectly safe. Sports medicine physician Dr. Lebar advises doing yoga, classical dance, golf, water exercises and tennis. However, she notes that it’s important to space out the workouts, because your body can become physically exhausted at a faster rate: “Pregnant women need 25% more oxygen,” says Dr. Lebar. Try to do 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity per week, and take breaks whenever you start to feel tired. If you’re looking for some workout inspiration, check out these three fit moms!

Anna Strode: for workout ideas you can incorporate into your busy daily routine

Anna Strode is already a mother to two adorable twin boys and now has a third child on the way. Her Instagram account features workouts she does during the week, whether it’s a classic one while her boys are playing in the living room, or a quick squat routine during bath time. She shows her followers that you don’t need to get to the gym or set aside a full hour of your time to be able to stay in shape during pregnancy!

Rachel Brathen: for relaxing yoga routines

Rachel Brathen is a very popular yogi in the Instagram world. She documented her pregnancy and yoga practice throughout all three trimesters, giving her 2 million followers gentle yoga routines – and stretches – that they can do during their own pregnancy! It’s important to note however, that inversions (i.e. handstands) and advanced yoga poses should be performed with caution.

Andrea: for tips on how to work out with a newborn

While personal trainer Andrea had her baby towards the end of the summer, you can still find her old pregnancy workout posts on her page. After just 5 short months her body has completely bounced back (just look at those abs!) which makes her an inspiration for future mothers to follow. Andrea shows you how you can work out when you have a newborn – and even preschoolers. The trick, according to her, is to keep them occupied or simply incorporate them into your workout, like you can see in the video below!

Living a healthy and fit life is wonderful for your body, your skin and your overall well-being. Don’t get discouraged about working out while pregnant – it’s totally feasible!

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