Easy like a Sunday morning: the ultimate tips to indulge your skin this weekend

#sundayfacial is our new mantra

It’s 2018, and that means a new hashtag - #sundayfacial - and it’s certainly something we’re taking very seriously. Every girl can do with some downtime after a hectic week, so take Sunday’s as the designated day for a little bit of ‘me-time’, renewing your skin with some at-home pampering. Keep reading for your ultimate lazy Sunday skincare routine, and step in to Monday feeling rejuvenated.



For deep-purification, take the time to double cleanse

As a staple in Korean and Japanese beauty routines, double cleansing penetrates your skin to purify your complexion from every type of impurity. In a normal week, you may not have time for this thorough cleansing routine, but this Sunday, you do! Use an oil-based cleanser, attracting oil such as sebum and makeup from you skin, and follow up with a water-based cleanser to do the hard work on water-based impurities such as dirt, airborne toxins and dead skin cells.

For a dynamic cleansing duo, start with the Biosource Total Renew Oil ; a purifying heavyweight which is formulated with a blend of botanical oils, L. Saccharina golden algae extract, Life Plankton™ and an anti-pollution adhesion agent to remove any lingering oil or makeup from deep within your skin. Follow up with Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water for thorough purification. Enriched with Life Plankton™, this multi-detox cleansing lotion ensures a gentle, yet effective and healing cleanse, to leave your skin glowing for the week ahead!

Indulge your skin in a healing face mask

Sundays are for relaxing, reading a book, and indulging in a film (or three!), but why not multi-task and add a healing face mask to your list of weekend duties. Finding time to not only apply, but enjoy a facial mask is rare, so take the time this Sunday for some deep pampering. Life Plankton™ Mask is the ideal solution for this scenario. Concentrated at full strength with the miracle microorganism, Life Plankton™, this hydrogel, sheet-inspired mask rescues over-scheduled skin. Formulated with its unique Fermogenesis technology, this powerful treatment reacts to your skin’s condition and triggers extreme soothing, deep cellular repair and renewal. Thanks to its composition of 35 skin-renewing nutrients, skin appears soothed, healed and rejuvenated for a fresher-looking complexion - what a way to spend a Sunday!

Give yourself a full-body pampering

When was the last time you gave your body some much needed skin-love? Our bodies can shed up to 40,000 cells every minute, so exfoliating is a necessary step in our skincare regimens. Start your full-body pampering with Oil Therapy Huile de Gommage , which is formulated with 3 precious oils, each individually chosen to strengthen, fortify and soften your skin. Enriched with melting sugar crystals, this gentle exfoliator works to remove excess skin cells and leave your body feeling nourished and refreshed. Go on to indulge yourself in a (lukewarm!) shower, and enjoy the rich aroma of the Rose Mosqueta, Passion Flower and Apricot Oil as this powerful exfoliator seeps in and nourishes your skin.

Post-shower, replenish your skin with Biotherm’s iconic Lait Corporel to help restore your skin’s natural barrier. Its composition, which includes Vitamin E, delivers moisture deep within your body to renew and protect your skin’s natural elasticity. This comforting milk will leave your body looking and feeling like satin to help you feel comfortable in your skin for another hard-working week. And for that extra boost, concentrate on your hands with a nourishing dose of Biomains to reinforce your skin’s barrier function and fight signs of aging. Keep this multi-performance treatment close to hand morning, noon and night for silky smooth skin.

Follow these three essential tips to give your skin so extra TLC, and step into the new week refreshed, revitalized and looking healthier than ever before.

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