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#trillyoga: yoga without rules

Trill yoga is showing us that anyone can do yoga, anytime, anywhere.

Have you ever felt like yoga is an unattainable practice because you’re not flexible enough or look like a supermodel? While we’ve never met you, we’re certain you’re beautiful (you are, so don’t try to protest and say you’re not), and we’re sure you’re capable of doing yoga! Trill yoga, to be exact.

Trill yoga is real yoga

Yoga tends to have a stiff image associated with it, one where people believe that in order to be considered a “yogi”, they have to dress a certain way, look a certain way, and attend yoga classes at a studio. Trill yoga, a movement started by Claire Fountain, is working to change all that. Trill stands for true and real, and Claire wants all men and women to embrace who they are and do yoga however (and wherever) they want to. There are no rules or restrictions in trill yoga, and people of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to try it out. The goal is to bring us all to the realization that you can be healthy and work out on a regular basis, and yet not look like what society has deemed as “perfect” – and understand that it's okay! So long as you’re striving to be the best version of yourself you can be, you’re on the right path to wellness – yours!

#Trillyoga has taken off and is now globally recognized. Over 18k posts to date exist on Instagram for the hashtag, and you can see all different kinds of people doing yoga in #athleisure (and casual clothing), and in random places, like next to a telephone booth in London. With trill yoga anything goes – literally – and you don’t even need a mat.

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Whether it’s listening to Drake while you do yoga, striking a pose in the middle of the sidewalk or next to the water, trill yoga lets you connect with your true inner self, the way yoga is meant to be!

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