Skincare faux-pas: do you make any of these 3 beauty mistakes?

Here’s a hint: You’re probably doing them without even realizing!

Are you struggling to keep up with all the do’s and don’t’s that the beauty world throws at you?! Sleeping in our makeup every now and then, skipping the exfoliation stage when we fake tan...don’t worry, we’re all guilty of making beauty faux-pas from time to time. But some of your bad habits you might not even be aware of...

#1 Forgetting about your neck: Many of us treat our face with precious tender care to ensure flawless and youthful looking skin, but then completely ignore the equally delicate neck area. Remembering to treat your neck as well as your complexion is of the utmost importance, in fact, our neck is one of the first places to show signs of aging!

Opt for a no fuss cleanser like Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water. This 3-in-1 will remove impurities and tone at the same time. Then finish off with a dose of your favourite anti-aging moisturizer, like Blue Therapy Cream-in- Oil. It offers the repair of an oil with the power of a fusing gel, for smoother skin with bounce. Enriched with Marine Connectum to smooth, reinforce and boost the skin’s surface, this powerful product restructures and repair skin to leave it looking visibly smoother and more youthful.

#2 Touching your face throughout the day: It’s likely that touching your face is such an ingrained habit that you have no idea just how much you do it. You might be shocked to learn that on average your hands reach up to your face between 2000 and 3000 times a day. That’s around every 2 to 5 minutes, and in the process you’re unwittingly spreading all kinds of germs. As well as keeping your hands as clean as possible, thoroughly sanitize your face too to remove bacteria and any buildup of impurities. Biosource Balm-In-Oil with Life Plankton not only dissolves all kinds of makeup, but urban impurities as well for a truly deep cleanse. With its 3-phase transformation, from balm, to silky oil, to comforting milk, this powerful cleanser leaves skin purified and hydrated.

#3 Only wearing sunscreen in summer: It’s true that UVB rays are at their strongest during the summer months and it’s these rays that are largely responsible for sunburn. Yet UVA rays are far more prevalent, just as present all year round, and penetrate much deeper into the skin. These UVA rays pay a huge part in aging the skin. To protect your face from the signs of photoaging no matter what season try Blue Therapy Multi-Defender. Not only does this moisturizer replenish your skin and rehydrate your complexion no matter the weather, but it also is enriched with SPF to keep skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Realising your beauty blunders is the first step towards changing habits!

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