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The 3 things that helped us #LIVEMORE this month

Discover the #LIVEMORE team’s current favorites in terms of skincare, fitness and food.

May is a glorious month. Spring is in full swing, summer is officially on its way, and beach vacation plans are on the horizon! Below you’ll find a few things that have recently been making our lives even fuller and happier than they already are.

Our favorite skincare products of the month: Life Plankton™ Essence and Skin Fitness

Spring is a season to get your glow on. The best way to boost that radiance is to use skincare products that will strengthen your skin and make it healthier. We’ve been using Biotherm’s Life Plankton™ Essence in our morning and evening beauty routines. It contains Life Plankton™, a soothing microorganism that comes from the thermal springs of Molitg-les-Bains. This plankton has regenerative properties to make your skin look (and feel) beautiful and radiant in just 8 days!

Our favorite fitness program of the month: HEAT

Whenever we find out about a new way to step up our fitness game, we’re eager to try it out. HEAT, also known as High Energy Athletic Training, is one of our current favorite ways to work out. It’s intense, fast-paced, and makes a person as strong and mentally fit as a pro athlete. However, we advise that if you don’t exercise on a regular basis, you should work on your cardiovascular endurance before giving HEAT a go.

Our favorite beauty food of the month: Strawberries

A healthy diet can give you glowing skin, but there are a few star foods like strawberries, that can really boost that radiance. They’re loaded in Vitamin C, making them a wonderful wrinkle-fighting food. We’re in peak strawberry season right now, so eat them throughout the day to build up your free radical defenses and prevent premature aging. Enjoy them for breakfast in a parfait, as a delicious snack, or in a refreshing salad.

Live the month of May to the absolute fullest by using great skincare products, trying out a new kind of workout and eating foods that will boost your beauty!

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