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3 detox waters to get you glowing as bright as the holiday lights

Learn how to make infused waters part of your holiday routine.

During the holiday season it’s a good idea to hit the refresh button once in a while. So try a simple detox that requires one thing: Water. Add some fruit to it, add some spice, and get glowing with detox waters.

Detox waters are the ultimate source of hydration

Infused detox waters are a great solution to keep your hydration levels at an optimal level and for your body to receive additional nutrients. A mere 2% drop in hydration levels can impact concentration and even make small tasks appear harder - so add some citrus to the water for a zippy flavor, infuse it with fruits to naturally satisfy your sweet tooth, or add some aloe - and get sipping.

Research proves that drinking water can boost metabolism by 30%. If that isn’t reason enough to try to include detox waters in your daily routine this holiday season, perhaps the below recipes will convince you.

Orange Cucumber

-2 liters of water

-1 small cucumber, sliced

-3 oranges, sliced and rinds removed

-Squeeze of fresh lemon

-10-15 fresh mint leaves

How to make it: Take the cucumber slices, orange slices and mint and place in the bottom of a pitcher. Gently mash the ingredients together to release the flavors. Next, add a squeeze of fresh lemon, and then the water. Place the pitcher in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors infuse together. Add more lemon according to taste.

Why it’s good for you: Cucumbers are naturally hydrating and calm irritation. Citrus fruits help with digestion.

Spiced Apple

-2 liters of water

-1 cinnamon stick

-2 apples

How to make it: Wash and then slice the apples into thin slices. Place the slices in the bottom of the pitcher and add the cinnamon stick. Fill the pitcher with water. You may use any apple variety, but if you’d like a sweet flavor use Fuji apples - Granny Smith if you prefer a tart taste.

Why it’s good for you: ‘’An apple a day keeps the doctor away’’ – Apples aid in digestion, and both apples and cinnamon help regulate blood sugar.

Lemon Ginger

-2 liters of water

-Juice of one lemon

-1 inch of ginger root

How to make it: Add water to a pitcher and then the lemon juice. Grate the ginger root into the water and then stir together.

Why it’s good for you: Lemon juice helps cleanse the liver and balance pH levels in the body, and ginger helps strengthen the immune system.

Detox waters make water fun, and help brighten your skin.

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