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Pair motivation: 3 sporty activities to do with a friend

Two is always better than one!

It’s finally the weekend and all you can think about is lazing on your couch watching your favorite TV show: the perfect excuse to skip your workout session. However, if you had planned it with your friend, we’re sure you’d feel too guilty to bail. Exercising with a buddy is much more effective than exercising alone, as you spur each other on to stretch your limits. In fact, a study conducted by Virgin Active, the UK’s leading health club, revealed that women who exercise with a friend burn up to 236 calories, compared to 195 calories for women who train alone. So go on, grab your friend and try out these three exercises listed below. Added bonus: it’s much more fun!


Exercise does wonders for our bodies, lungs, hearts and mental wellbeing – message well-received. However, while all of this is going on, the biggest organ of all is greatly benefiting too: our skin!

Pumped heart rate = glowing skin: If you’ve ever shock yourself by quite liking your post-workout reflection in the face of sweaty hair and fatigue, it’s probably because of your natural glow. When we exercise, the extra blood flow carries extra oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s cells, meaning that it looks better than ever!

Natural cleanse: Simultaneously, the sweat generated helps to cleanse your skin, ridding of everything from yesterday’s makeup to pollution; think of it as Mother Nature’s natural cleanse!


High five Plank

What better way to get motivated in a workout than constant high fives? Start off by getting into a hand plank position with your partner in front of you. Then, both of you should stretch your left hand forward to high five each other. Finally, place your left palm back on the floor and repeat the process with your right hand.

Sit up pass

With one of you holding a medicine ball, sit opposite each other in a sit up position. Tighten your abs and proceed to do a sit up at the same time as one another, with one of you holding the medicine ball above your head, arms outstretched. Once you are at the top, whoever is holding the medicine ball should throw it to the other, and repeat. It’s a great workout for your arms, as well as your tummy!

AcroYoga – The Airplane

We’re quite sure that this advanced yoga move will remind you of playtime as a child (albeit a harder, much more toning version). Lie on your back with your partner standing in front of you and put your feet on her thighs, so that your toes touch the bottom of her belly. As she leans forwards, take her hands and slowly extend your legs to push the flyer away from the ground, so that she is horizontal. You’re sure to feel like a true yogi!

Top Tip: After working out, your skin is in need of intense hydration and repair. Therefore, it is advisable to use Biotherm’s Skin Fitness range, designed especially for exercise enthusiasts, which smoothes and purifies skin, as well as accelerates its post-workout recovery.

So what will it be: a couch weekend, or a pair workout that accelerates you, your friend and your skin? It’s a no-brainer to us!

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