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3 mocktail recipes that pack a beauty punch

Get your skin glowing this winter by mixing up a few non-alcoholic cocktails!

While we all love a good cocktail, consuming alcohol too often can accelerate the aging process, causing fine lines and wrinkles. The good news is that you can still enjoy a drink when you’re out with friends – and have as many as you’d like – if it’s a mocktail (cocktail without alcohol)! We’ve selected a few to give a try this holiday season at your next holiday party.

Hot spiced apple juice mocktail

If you’re a fan of hot wine, you’ll love this hot spiced apple juice. It’s a warming concoction full of antioxidants from the apples, lemons, and fresh ginger to give you radiant, blemish-free skin. The cinnamon in it will also help reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. In fact, the results of a preliminary study helped researchers come to the conclusion that one to two tablespoons of cinnamon at least once a day can help eliminate or prevent viruses, like the common cold.

Sparkling cranberry mint mocktail

This cranberry mint mocktail is colorful, fruity, sweet and sparkling (who needs champagne?!). Like açai and pomegranate, cranberries help fight free radicals to slow down premature aging. The mint adds a refreshing touch and has anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent pimples.

Tangerine rosemary mocktail

Citrus fruits are known for being chock-full of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps stimulate the production of collagen to keep your skin toned and youthful looking. Rosemary is known to boost your mood and help rid your body of toxins – exactly what your body and skin need during the holiday season!

Drink mocktails all season-long to sip your way to radiant skin.

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