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3 things that helped us #LIVEMORE this month

The #LIVEMORE team reveals our top 3 things not to miss this month.

Every month, new health, beauty, and fitness trends emerge. We hear about social media influencers that are becoming more popular, see original hashtags pop up on our Instagram feeds and read about the foods that health enthusiasts are currently adopting. To help keep you up to date, #LiveMore has selected the top 3 things to know about in April 2017.

The inspirational person of the month: Sissy Mua

With over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube and 460,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Sissy Mua is a fitness star on the Internet! The young woman has just launched her second book "Sissy Fitness Body Book" by Solar Editions. It’s full of good nutrition and fitness tips, making it a wonderful wellness resource for the month of April!

The superfood of the month: coconut

Coconuts are capturing people’s attention for their exotic taste, their health benefits, and for the fact that you can use them so many different ways in your cooking. You can use nearly every part of the coconut: in oil or butter form, grated, or simply adding a bit of coconut water to your post-workout smoothies.

Rich in vitamins, fiber, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, coconuts are a skin-beautifying food. However, to really boost your glow this month, use skincare products that will get rid of your dull winter complexion, such as Biotherm’s new Skin Oxygen line.

The hashtag of the month: #workoutwednesday

With summer approaching, we could all use some extra motivation to help us get #MOREFIT. We currently have two fitness coaches that we’re very loyal to: Skin Fitness from Biotherm (the products protect and repair our skin to extend the benefits of our workouts) and Instagram. We scroll the social platform regularly for fitness inspiration. Recently we’ve become obsessed with the hashtag #workoutwednesday – it reminds us of the importance to do something sporty in the middle of the week, whether it’s yoga, weightlifting, CrossFit or running…anything goes!

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