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3 ways to protect your skin from your home's dry indoor heat

How to prevent your heating system from becoming your skin's number one enemy!

Do you know why you have dry skin in the winter? Wind and dropping temperatures are two main reasons, but there is a third explanation you may not be aware of: the hot, dry air inside your home. It may feel cozy to snuggle under a big blanket with the heat turned up, but the warm air slowly zaps your skin of moisture, making it feel as parched as the Sahara desert. To combat crocodile skin this winter, take matters into your own hands and start increasing your hydration efforts!

Use a humidifier

According to a study, the more humid the air is, the more the skin retains heat in the stratum corneum, and stays hydrated. A humidifier will add moisture back into the air, counteracting the dryness from your home’s heating system.

Avoid taking extra hot baths

Even though a long leisurely bath can be relaxing and help you unwind after a long week at work, submerging your body in very warm water can dry out your skin more. Try to keep the temperature warm, but not hot, and don't stay in for more than 10-15 minutes. The same thing goes for your showers! This will help your skin stay supple and preserve more of its natural lipids.

Invest in hydrating skincare products

To restore and maintain your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, use skincare products that deliver deep hydration. The cream Aquasource Cocoon by Biotherm for example, will keep your skin hydrated for 48 hours! Make it a point to plan weekly at-home spa nights during the winter: exfoliate to help the cell renewal process, and then follow up with a hydrating repair mask. The combination will leave you with glowing, soft and supple skin.

Also: Don’t forget that it’s just as important to stay hydrated from the inside-out, so drink lots of water and minimize your intake of diuretic beverages, like tea and coffee!

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