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4 clean eating Instagram accounts to follow

Struggling to get back into the clean eating game? Scroll through these Instagram profiles!

Did any of your meals in 2016 consist of Buddha bowls, poke bowls, and sweet potato toast? If yes, you definitely mastered the #eatclean trend! Clean eating is all about consuming wholesome unprocessed foods, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and minimal sugar. If you’re like us and the holiday season caused you to derail from your healthy diet and give into heavy cream, delicious cookies, and your fair share of cocktails, then you’re probably yearning for greens and low-cal soups right about now. The four Instagram accounts below will give you all the inspiration you need to fill your fridge with guilt-free healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners so that you can start the New Year off in a healthy way!

For moms-to-be: @shanyaraleonie

All mothers know that when you’re pregnant you want to be as healthy as possible for your baby. However, sometimes hormones can get in the way, making you crave foods that aren’t necessarily the best for you, like fast food. Next time that happens, turn to @shanyaraleonie to find a cleaner version of the dish you want, like this sweet potato burger on a gluten-free bun:

For fit foodies: @fitness_bianca

If you love to work out and eat great food, then Bianca’s account will give you plenty of ideas! Most of her recipes have an abundance of protein in them, exactly what you need before – and after – exercising.

For raw foodists: @raw_manda

Amanda’s Instagram account is strongly focused on raw fruits and vegetables, but you’ll see the occasional cooked vegan dish. Her profile is a gold mine for new ways to enjoy fresh produce,, especially in things like sushi and spring rolls.

For anyone who has a sweet tooth: @papaya_sunshine

Eating clean doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dessert! Marie, the woman behind @papaya_sunshine whips up gorgeous and mouthwatering vegan sweet treats with fruit, plant-based milk, chia seeds and natural sugars like maple syrup – her creations are even healthy enough for breakfast!

These Instagram accounts will help give you a healthy start to 2017!

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