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4 fun facts that will make you love the holiday season even more

Tis the season to be happy!

These four festive facts are perfect for sharing around a table during a delicious holiday-season dinner!

1. Hot chocolate is actually good for you

If this isn't good news, then we don't know what is. There's nothing better than feeling cozy on a chilly winter day and treating yourself to a hot chocolate. Hot chocolate could also be a great winter alternative to chocolate milk as your latest post-workout snack. Just heat it up and you're good to go, for a delicious winter snack that's full of health benefits.

2. Mulled wine can help you avoid getting sick

Mulled wine usually contains cinnamon. In addition to being appreciated for numerous health benefits - such as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, lowering blood-sugar, regulating cholesterol, and improving digestion - cinnamon is thought to help with concentration. Though there is no miracle cure for the common cold, what better remedy for cheering yourself up than a hot cup of delicious mulled wine? It might even help you to focus at work when your mind is firmly fixed on your holiday season plans.

3. Christmas parties can make you live longer...

Research shows that adults with an enriching social life are likely to live longer, so go all out and indulge this season, in the company of those you love! If having a party every week sounds a bit much, why not go for something more low-key like a casual dinner party with a group of close friends?

4. Baking holiday cookies with family is a good way to de-stress

The festive season is widely considered a time for great food. We know you probably have your personal favorite Christmas desserts bookmarked, but why not try out some new healthy cookie recipes this year? Bake with your family or significant other and you’re bound to have fun doing it and laugh together. Laughter reduces stress, exactly what you need during this busy time of the year!

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