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4 innovative products to add to your Christmas wish list

Technology just keeps getting better and better.

Have you been on your best behavior this year? If so, you might want to add these 4 products to your Christmas wish list and hope that Santa's feeling generous!

Where food storage meets personal nutritionist

Imagine: you get home from work and, with a click of a button you know exactly what's in your fridge, when it's going to expire, and have a selection of healthy recipes presented to you that uses ingredients you need to eat. Well, that dream might just become reality, thanks to Silicon Valley's start-up Innit. They are creating smart technology for your kitchen and the brand plans to release their smart fridges and ovens in 2017.

Change the way you cook forever

To accompany your super-smart fridge, why not ask Santa for a steamer? Not just any steamer, however. Our favorite is the classic, yet still innovative, Vitaliseur de Marion steamer. Originally developed in 1965 by bio-nutritionist Marion Kaplan and the chemistry engineer André Cocard, the tiered system allows you to quickly cook, defrost, heat and more, while still preserving all the nutritious minerals and vitamins. Made of stainless steel, the steamer is composed of three sections: a stewpot, one or two strainers, and one or two convex domes with a thermometer, depending on the model. This is the ideal gift for those looking to eat healthily without compromising on taste!

The next step for Snapchatters

Snapchat (or Snap, as it's now called) has produced its first hardware product: a pair of sunglasses that film wide-angle video from a first-person perspective. The round, goggle-like glasses (available in multiple shades) are extremely fashionable, unlike Google's failed attempt with Google Glass, which never picked up. These "Spectacles" as Snap calls them, could be next season's biggest trend...

A beautiful skincare gift set

Gadgets aside, we're not forgetting about taking care of our skin this Christmas. A beautiful skincare kit, like one designed for Biotherm by Hvass & Hannibal, designers from Copenhagen, not only includes innovative high-quality skincare products, but the box will look great displayed anywhere in your apartment!

These innovative gifts are sure to make the holiday season even brighter – if Santa doesn’t try to keep them for himself!

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