Under the skin: 4 reasons your skin feels dry

Save your skin after winter with these nourishing tips

Moisturizers, serums and lotions; our skincare regimens are full to the brim with rejuvenating and healing beauty saviors, but as much as we try, sometimes our skin can leave us feeling baffled. Although we may religiously stick to our hydrating routines, dry skin can often prevail and seemingly for no apparent reason. Keep reading to understand exactly what invisible factors may be contributing to your dry skin, so you can treat the cause and achieve a flawless complexion.

1. The key to replenished skin is quality not quantity

The first logical remedy for dryness is a moisturizer, but have you ever noticed that regardless of how much hydrating cream you apply, areas of your skin can still feel and appear dry? According to expert dermatologist, Izabela Buraczewska , over moisturizing can actually contribute to dryness by weakening the skin’s barrier and increasing the effects of transepidermal water loss.

What you can do: The key to combating dry skin lies not with the amount of moisturizer you apply, but instead, the type of moisturizer you use. Finding the right hydrator for your skin is the key to flawless skin, and our ultimate suggestion for a complexion that leans dry is Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion . Concentrated in Life Plankton™ at its highest level, this powerful fluid not only soothes and heals dry, sensitive skin, but also delivers moisture deeply into the skin for more than 24 hours. Skin feels supple, rejuvenated and hydrated, and overtime this penetrating moisturizer reinforces the skin’s barrier to leave it less reactive and transformed after only 1 week of use.

2. Turn down the temperature of your shower

We know that long, steamy showers can be tempting, however this indulgence can often be one of the causes of your dry skin. Hot water can break down the lipid barriers in the skin, allowing our body’s natural oils to escape and drying out our complexion.

What you can do: By turning down the temperature dial of your morning shower, not only will you work wonders for your skin, but the planet will thank you too! Compliment your lukewarm shower with Biotherm’s iconic Lait de Douche . Formulated with olive oil, vitamin E and other powerful moisturizing agents, this nourishing milk gently cleanses the skin whilst replenishing moisture levels to leave your skin feeling hydrated morning after morning.

3. Defend, heal and rejuvenate your skin against the effects of artificial temperatures

Whether it’s summer or winter, artificial temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. Both heating systems and air conditioning can reduce the humidity in the atmosphere and draw moisture out of your skin cells to leave your complexion feeling dry and tight.

What you can do: Combat this effect by locking in moisture with a healing essence as the first step of your skincare routine. Life Plankton™ Essence is as light as water yet as concentrated as a serum, powered by a combination of 35 amino acids, vitamins and nutrients to delve deep into your skin for intense replenishment and rejuvenation. This essential skincare savior works to heal and repair your skin’s natural barrier, locking in moisture to keep your skin soft and supple morning, noon and night.

4. Avoid harsh soaps in favor of nourishing cleansers

We know that purifying our complexion morning and night enables to achieve flawless skin, however choosing the right cleansing products is almost as important as the action itself. Try to avoid soaps or harsh detergents which are formulated with high pH levels. Even though they may seem like they’re doing their job well, they are in fact stripping your skin of natural oils to leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated.

What you can do: Opt for a gentle cleansing lotion which is specific for skin that leans dry or can be prone to dryness such as the Biosource Milk for Dry Skin . Thanks to its soothing yet effective formulation of Life Plankton™, Glycerin and Alantoin, this delicate cleanser removes makeup as well as impurities such as sweat or airborne toxins, to leave your skin feeling purified and renewed.

Follow this skin-beautifying tops to replenish your skin and never worry about dry skin again.

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