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4 ways to ensure acne doesn't ruin your holiday season celebrations

Don't let problem skin dampen your holiday season happiness.

The last thing you want for your Christmas office party is to have a pimple. Follow these four golden complexion rules, and you'll have all the cards in your favor for acne-free celebrations.

#1: Stick to the routine

If you've found a series of skincare products that suit your skin and don't cause flare-ups, keep using them every day during the holiday season. You already know that they work, and you can trust that they’ll keep your skin looking #flawless.

#2: Stay hydrated

Flush out those toxins and keep your skin looking plump and healthy by drinking lots of water. We can have a tendency to indulge a little too much in both food and drink during the festive period, so help your body out by staying hydrated and trying not to be tempted...too much.

#3: Have a fail-safe makeup backup

Ok, so we never know when our skin is going to break out. Just in case you find yourself with an army of acne patrolling your face pre-party season, have a makeup backup kit at the ready. BB Cream will mask all of those pesky imperfections so you can put your best face forward during the holidays.

#4: Keep stress low, happiness up

In a self-fulfilling prophecy, stress caused by problem skin can worsen the problem. Try and beat back the stress of the holiday season and focus on everything that makes you happy. A nibble of dark chocolate, for example, will give you a dose of serotonin and dopamine when you need it the most, especially during such a busy period filled with potentially stressful social events. For a mental boost, take some time out to be mindful and think of all the things you are grateful for in life, not allowing any negative thoughts to creep in. Think happy = be happy!

Follow our tips and a little pimple won’t stand in your way of having fun during this joyous time of the year!

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