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5 activities to do as a family to come together this holiday season

Seeing the family soon? Stay active and healthy with these five ideas for fun family activities!

Do you and your family usually end up playing monotonous Monopoly over the holidays? This year change up your routine and get outside and get active, whatever the weather, instead!

Go sledding

If you're lucky enough to have a snowy holiday landscape, you shouldn't have to think twice about what to do: go sledding! Make a whole day out of the activity by encouraging all the family (those who are physically capable of course - the rest can watch) to get creative and “make” their own sleds. From the classic plastic tray to a proper wooden sled, see who in the family is the most hands-on, then go slide down some hills!

Build the best snowman

From grandparents to toddlers, everyone enjoys making a good snowman. Amp up the energy by choosing a judge then having a snowman building competition. Plus, you'll also be keeping fit: an hour of snow construction burns on average 285 calories!

Get in a (snowball) fight

Another calorie burner (319/hour) is a snowball fight. Of course one can happen spontaneously and naturally, but organizing it in advance will help bring a competitive aspect to the whole thing. Consider making teams! Create some rules – like no snowballs can be thrown to the head –and give each team a goal, such as capturing the other's base. You'll be surprised at how the adults reveal their inner big kids.

Winter Olympics

Bring out the different talents in everyone by having a family Winter Olympics. Try curling across the kitchen floor (or ice rink if you have one!), figure skating (or just regular dancing), or ice hockey with brooms. Get creative and time will fly by.

Picking produce together

Why not go together as a family and pick the produce you'll eat for dinner? The winter season is all about root vegetables (radishes, carrots, potatoes etc.), which are great fun to dig up. The kids will learn about farming and cultivation, and you'll get a delicious dinner out of it!

Happy holidays to you and your family!

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