Healthy skin begins with a good skincare routine.

Healthy skin begins with a good skincare routine.

Here's how to get healthy skin in 5 easy steps

Skin that glows with health helps us to look and feel wonderful, however sometimes it’s not that easy. Healthy skin starts with a good skincare regimen, aimed at healing, rejuvenating and protecting your complexion. Keep reading to understand the 5 essential steps to healthy skin for your most flawless complex

Step #1 - detoxify for healthy skin

The skin is our body’s largest organ, and the pores allow our skin to breathe. Healthy skin starts with purification, ensuring that our pores are free of any impurities. A good cleansing routine is the key to healthy skin, so be sure to use a targeted treatment like Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water. With its powerful triple action, purifying, toning and removing eye makeup, skin is left deeply cleansed, whilst enriched with Life Plankton, also helps to heal the complexion. If you live in a city, why not go one step further? Skin Oxygen Depollution Cleanser is specifically aimed at helping skin that is bombarded with the impurities found in urban environments. Formulated with Chlorella - the ‘breathing algae’, this powerful cleanser deeply detoxifies skin from airborne pollutants, leaving skin healthy and able to breathe again.

Step #2 - healing for healthy skin

Healthy skin starts with purification, but the essential next step is healing. According to Anna Chiu, MD., as soon as you finish cleansing, moisture starts getting pulled out of the skin when it comes into contact with the air. Lock in your skin’s natural moisture post-cleansing with Life Plankton Essence. As the step 0 to any skincare regime, this rejuvenative essence was discovered in the French Pyrenees and has since been hailed as the ‘fountain of youth’. Enriched with 35 nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, this highly regenerative microorganism helps to heal skin, clinically proven to give you new born and healthy skin within 8 days.

Follow up with a targeted serum for your healthiest skin yet. If you’re worried about fine lines and feel the need for a really effective anti-aging boost to the healing element of your healthy skin regime, supplement with Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum. This is enriched with Algae Of Youth™ Extract (Alaria Esculenta) from Greenland’s glacial waters. Remarkably close in structure to healthy skin, it is able to accelerate your complexion’s repairing power to combat signs of aging and speed up skin repair.

For those who live in harsh, urban environments, boost your skin with the Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate to repair signs of damage from living in a city. This powerful serum is enriched with Chlorella algae extract which boasts strong detoxifying powers and regenerating activities to strengthen skin. Skin is visibly soothed, smoothed, more radiant and healthy.

Step #3–  hydrating for healthy skin

Every day our skin loses up to half a liter of water and so it follows that at the heart of any regime to nurture, restore and maintain healthy skin, is hydration. In the winter, it’s important to replenish moisture levels and in the summer it’s important to hydrate your skin and manage sebum levels. Moisturizer is a go-to essential of our skincare regimes, and our recommendation is Aquasource Gel. Formulated with Life Plankton and the hydrating Mannose, this unique and rejuvenating gel moisturizer hydrates and locks in moisture hour after hour for healthy skin. The resulting healthy skin is water-plumped and retains its radiance as if it was newly moisturized.

Step #4 - protect for healthy skin

Protection is an important part of perfecting a skincare regimen for healthy skin. Daily life can take its toll on our complexions, whether that’s airborne impurities, UV rays or anything else found in our surrounding atmosphere, protection is a must. Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist is formulated with Life Plankton and Chlorella for a first defense against pollution at UV rays. This non-greasy, non-sticky moisturizing mist is antioxidant rich to ensure that impurities are unable to penetrate or rest on our complexion to keep our skin healthy whatever the conditions.

Step #5 - beauty sleep for healthy skin

Cellular regeneration is an ongoing process whereby old cells are replaced by new cells in order to promote healthy skin. As cell repair and regeneration can be almost 3 times quicker as we sleep than during the day, make the most of your beauty sleep by incorporating a rejuvenating night mask for your healthiest skin yet. Biotherm’s Life Plankton Mask is concentrated at its highest percentage thus far, deeply penetrating in to your skin as you sleep to repair and reignite the radiance in your skin. This hydrogel mask helps you to wake up to luminous, smoother, bouncier skin morning after morning to promote healthy skin.

Follow these 5 simple steps to upgrade your healthy skin routine.

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