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5 tips to help you go makeup-free with confidence this Christmas

So you can truly tell everyone "I woke up like this"...

Christmas doesn't have to mean layers of foundation and glitter all over your face (although it can if you'd prefer). Feel confident in your natural beauty and go makeup-free by following these top tips for a glowing complexion.

Splash your face with cold water

It might not be the most pleasant sensation on a crisp winter morning, but a splash of cold water will tighten your pores, reduce puffiness and refresh your face (and certainly wake you up!). It will also make your cheeks look naturally rosy!

Exfoliate for fresh, glowing skin

Remove the top, dead layer of skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion by using a gentle facial exfoliator once or twice a week.

Apply a mask at night

Wake up with beautiful skin by applying a face mask the evening before. Keep your skin type in mind, however. Dry skin will benefit from a moisturizing hydrating mask, like Life Plankton Mask, while a clay mask (Skin Best Wonder Mud, for example) is great for oily skin types, as it will draw out impurities. For combination skin, try out multi-masking: applying different masks to separate areas of the face to remedy different skin concerns!

Don't forget your skincare

Make an extra effort with your morning skincare routine, as you won't be applying anything over it. A mattifying moisturizer or serum will ensure that you don't develop shine in any of those Christmas photos.

Use a dab of BB cream

If you have any redness or a pimple that just doesn’t want to go away, it’s okay to use BB cream to blur imperfections. It’s very natural-looking; just make sure to rub it in really well (especially around the hairline) so that no one will realize that you have a (teeny tiny) bit of coverage on!

Our advice will help you look positively radiant this winter, no makeup needed.

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