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5 wellness tips to get your body bikini-ready

It’s that time of year again…

We’ve seen out our winter sentence, and now the season of sun, sea and bronzing is nearly here to reward us for the many days we spent all too cold and miserable… Rejoice! Sadly, though, the pleasures of summer are cruelly stripped away from too many of us due to the unforgiving, body-shaming critic we have on loop in our heads, which we most definitely don’t deserve. Enter the rightfully-adored season this year ready to embrace every moment with these confidence-boosting tips!

Track your progress beyond weight loss

All too often when we begin a workout program, we set ourselves an isolated weight loss goal that is neither representative of the bigger picture nor kind to our mental wellbeing. It’s important to remember that exercise is about strengthening and toning, as well as shedding the pounds. Before you begin your transformation, carry out a baseline fitness test – whether that is how long you can hold the plank for or a speed test, depending on your goals – and be sure to do it every other week to see how far you’ve come. You’ll soon realise that getting stronger feels just as good as losing weight, and you’ll feel even better after using Biotherm’s new Skin Fitness range, equipped to accelerate your skin’s post-workout recovery.

Change your lunchtime habits

Eat earlier - research conducted by the journal Obesity discovered that out of 420 people, those who ate an early lunch lost 2.2kg more than those who ate lunch later. To really shift those pounds, make sure to reserve your heavier meals for daytime-eating and plan a lighter dish for after the sun goes down.

Bring it from home - When we eat out, it’s much more likely that we’re going to overeat. The portion sizes that we are served are typically a couple of times bigger than the average healthful serving size, and the sociable setting often means that we lose track of how much we’re consuming (according to a study, we are likely to eat up to 35% more when dining with friends). So why not try grazing before going out – not eating doesn’t equal unsociable!

Tea time

Our weight isn’t the only factor which lowers our body confidence. As females, we’re used to rummaging for the baggy clothes as soon as bloating rears its uncomfortable head in our tummies. But it doesn’t have to be that way; there are a number of tea leaves that can relieve stomach inflammation and water retention, equipped to ensure that you’re at ease with your bikini this year. Our suggestions: ginger, bilberry, hibiscus and fennel tea, all armed with inflammation-busting properties.

Stretch it out

As we get older, the elasticity of our muscles declines, which can deteriorate quicker with exercise. An injury can seriously hinder your fitness progress, so make sure you devote 5 minutes after your cool-down to stretching those muscles that you’ve used the most, holding each stretch for 30 seconds. Injuries are easily avoided when you know what to do!

Start a skincare routine

There is a variety of skincare products that can propel you towards self-confidence this season. For complete beach preparation, use Biotherm’s Celluli Eraser to rid of unwanted lumps and bumps, and the new eco-designed Waterlover Sun Milk to protect your skin against the sun’s harsh rays, respectful of the world’s aquatic life.

Make sure you make the most of the summer sun this year by following these simple tips – you deserve it!

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