Secrets to flawless skin, the Korean beauty way

Secrets to flawless skin, the Korean beauty way

6 steps to get flawless skin, the Korean beauty way

Beauty trends can be fleeting, however one which has stood the test of time whilst currently making a resurgence is Korean Beauty. K-beauty experts focus on flawless skin as the essence of any beauty look. Keep reading as we share 7 secrets for gorgeous, radiant and healthy skin - the Korean beauty way.

Korean women learn at an early age that flawless skin is an investment for a lifetime, and they start early. You have only to look at the results to appreciate the visible benefits of a healing, nourishing skincare regime. Let’s accept that to get flawless skin, we maybe need to change our mindset, and start to catch up. Flawless skin is a way of life, and it can be learned in 7 magic steps!

Step 1: The double cleansing secret of flawless skin

Perfect cleansing is a simple step on the path to flawless skin. Here’s why the Korean beauty trick of double cleansing pays dividends. Start with an oil-based cleanser like Biosource Balm-in-Oil to remove makeup, even waterproof cosmetics, without any greasy film thanks to its tri-phase transformation formula with Life Plankton. Follow up with a water-based cleanser such as Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water with pure extract of life plankton to effectively get rid of other impurities such as sweat and dirt. The Korean beauty routine for perfect skin starts with flawlessly clean skin.

Step 2: Deep cleansing to keep skin rejuvenated

Keeping skin healthy starts with cleansing and is followed by deep purification once or twice a week in the Korean beauty world. According to research by N. Koski in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology , clay masks are intrinsically effective at deeply cleansing pores and refining skin texture. Skin Best Wonder Mud is enriched with Ghassoul Clay and the antioxidant Astaxanthin for powered-up cleansing against the build up of city grim, makeup and toxins. This mineral clay masks absorbs oil and impurities, working them effectively out of the pores to leave our skin glowing, soft and flawless.

Step 3: Use a toner to keep skin flawless

The Korean beauty view of toning as part of a flawless skin regime is that it ‘sets’ the skin after cleansing and exfoliation so that it can better absorb any following treatments. Known in Asia as ‘refreshers’, this is just what toners do. Biosource Toner for Normal Skin reaches any deeply ingrained traces of impurities and leaves skin freshly damp in order to allow for better penetration of subsequent products.

Step 4: The essence of flawless skin

The heart of the Korean way for flawless skin the Korean beauty way is hydration, and at the centre of it is the most important secret of all: essence. Lighter than a moisturizer, essence has an affinity with skin cells that is simply the most necessary step towards flawless skin. Biotherm’s Life Plankton™ Essence is absorbed into the skin almost immediately, with its lightweight texture assisting maximum absorption and deep-working effectiveness. Enriched by a variety of 35 nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and much more, this healing essence works to rejuvenate skin, working its magic to achieve newborn skin in only 8 days!  

Step 5: Flawless skin needs moisturizing

No matter what our skin type, in the quest for flawless skin, moisturizing is a must. Those of us with oily skin should use a light, water-based texture such as Aquasource Gel. Enriched with Life Plankton and hydrating Mannose, this powerful moisturizer keeps skin deeply hydrated hour after hour for rejuvenated, glowing and flawless skin. For normal or dry skin, a smoothing moisturizer like Aquasource Cocoon is full of hydration that protects, replenishes and strengthens skin, creating that incredible dewy smoothness that is the hallmark of flawless skin the Korean beauty way.

Step 6: Use those precious night-time hours for flawless skin treatment

Plenty of sleep is an essential that goes without saying in the quest for flawless skin, a secret beauty benefit that our Korean sisters know all too well. The Korean way is to use the nighttime for a deep moisture treatment, almost like a sleeping spa session, as our skin cells are at their most active in regeneration, repair and healing during those precious hours of sleep. The healing and rejuvenation process can be helped significantly by just one thing: deep hydration. Life Plankton Mask provides intense moisture replenishment overnight, at a time when your skin is most receptive to its healing effects. Wake up to skin deeply replenished with moisture; smoothed, soothed and flawless thanks to its highly concentrated formula with Life Plankton to intensely heal and hydrate your skin overnight.

A final beauty benefit of that good night’s sleep, boosted by a nourishing night spa, is the sparkle and serenity that comes from feeling deeply refreshed. We suspect also that the serene look that seems to be synonymous with Korean-style flawless skin and beauty is in large part due to simple contentment.

Follow our 6 expert tips for flawless skin the Korean beauty way.

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