Anti-aging repair for your eyes at every age

Anti-aging repair for your eyes at every age

Illuminate your eyes for youthful skin at any age

Don’t let your eyes give away your age

Did you know that us humans are the only primates who have white eyes? That’s because they’re meant to be seen. Uniquely, we not only use our eyes to look out at the world, we also use them to try and glimpse other people’s thoughts and feelings. Researchers found that if you look straight at someone in the eye, they are more likely to think of you as attractive. Eyes are no doubt one of our most powerful tools, so here’s how to keep them looking their best.

20-25: Give your eyes a boost and start early

Eyes are often forgotten when it comes to early aging treatments, but trust us, you’ll be glad later in life if you act now. In your early 20’s you’re likely to have a fast-paced life, with plenty of late nights, early mornings and perhaps more than the odd alcohol fuelled evening. That’s why early eye treatment care should focus on hydration and combatting telltale signs of disrupted sleep. The cooling effect of Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer will take care of those under eye bags, dark circles and dehydration lines. This eye awakener uses caffeine, vitamin B3 and sakura leaf extract as well as blurring polymers for a revitalized look.

Don’t forget that sun damage is one of the biggest contributors to all skin aging, so do your delicate eye area a favour and get into the habit of applying a daily sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF.

25-30: Get to work on fighting the signs of aging  

Here’s when your eye care priorities start to shift a little. At this stage you want to concentrate on fighting against the aging process, whilst also concealing any signs of aging starting to emerge. Your eye creams need to regenerate the skin behind the scenes and diminish the appearance of fine lines on the surface. Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate goes beyond the standard anti-aging serum to tackle the heart of the problem. It contains a powerful task force with Chlorella and Life Plankton™ to repair any signs of damage whilst strengthening the skin to help defend against the appearance of wrinkles.

City dwellers beware, because pollution levels can age the skin at a faster rate. Combat environmental toxins by choosing anti-pollution formulas, like Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser, which contains Chlorella algae extra to deeply purify skin and allow your pores to breathe again.

30+: Fight the signs of aging with your ultimate anti-aging savior

It’s time to step things up a gear and go all out in your anti-aging routine. By now fine lines and wrinkles, under eye bags, dark circles and puffiness may be becoming more apparent as your body is producing less collagen and elastin. From the ages of 30 to 60 eyes can appear smaller, less lively and youthful. Containing “algae of youth”, Blue Therapy Eye Opening Serum has a lightweight formula to act on the 3 signs of eye opening loss by lifting lids, depuffing bags and smoothing wrinkles.

Keep dazzling them with your eyes throughout the years by adopting the best eye care regime at every age.

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