Are you sure you're washing your face the right way?

Beautiful skin starts with mastering an essential step in your skincare routine.

Have you ever wondered how some women are able to maintain flawless, healthy skin? We’ve already let you in on one of their secrets (eating skin-friendly foods), but they have a second one: they put more time and care into how they cleanse their faces!

Learn the 3-step process of healthy skin

The most important thing you can do for your skin is to remove your makeup every single night and wash away any buildup from the day. This will help your skin sleep better so that you can wake up with a fresh face. The cleansing process is broken down into three simple steps.

Step 1: Properly cleanse your face

In order to ensure that you’re washing your face the right way, you need to do two things:

-Invest in the right face cleanser:

It’s important to buy makeup remover and face wash that are adapted to your specific skin type. Try to look for a product that is dual action, like Biotherm’s Biosource Total Renew Oil so that you get the benefits of makeup removal and cleanser in one!

-Learn the right cleansing technique:

Apply a nut-sized amount of cleanser onto your face using your fingertips. Massage it all over your face using circular motions and the palms of your hands. Rinse with water.

To see the technique in action, check out the video below!

Step 2: Time for toner

Wet a cotton pad with a refreshing toner and swipe it all over your face, using sliding inside-out movements. To give your skin an even deeper clean, we recommend Biosource Toner. It gently exfoliates your skin and is able to penetrate better than your cleanser, so that your face feels soft and residue-free!

Step 3: Hydrate with facial oil

Using moisturizer or cream before bed is great. However, for truly perfect skin, sometimes you need to go that extra mile and add facial oil into the mix. Look for one that contains antioxidants, as it will enhance your complexion and keep your skin looking youthful, by protecting it from free radicals. Dab on a few drops of the oil or combine it with your favorite face cream.

Final tips for radiant skin

To ensure that your skin maintains a gorgeous glow all year-round, eat lots of foods with beta-carotene, like cantaloupe, and work out on a regular basis. Sweat helps rid your skin of toxins, which naturally cleanses it even further!

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