Don't underestimate this secret of the ocean

It waves up from the seabed, drapes itself across rocks… But did you know there’s one more place algae belongs?

Indeed, 99% of our biosphere is dependent on our waters, thanks to the vital, life-breathing phytoplankton that they breed. However, this far from represents the only regenerative element that lies deep in our planet’s blue heart; algae, one of the skin’s most healing natural allies, is also given life to here. Read on to discover how this ocean-sourced secret can rejuvenate your skin to unparalleled heights.

The skin elixir from the sea

There are thought to be up to 1 million species of algae, each one endowed with varying degrees of skin-beautifying properties. It enhances the skin from all angles, hydrating, firming, soothing and detoxifying, all the while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. What can’t it do?


When it comes to anti-aging remedies, algae should feature at the top of your list. Armed with antioxidants, it shields skin from free radical damage and boosts collagen production (accelerating skin cell regeneration), while its rich source of Alguronic acid amplifies the creation of elastin. As skin ages, it can lose its elastin fibers, which causes wrinkles, sagging and laugh lines - but with its elastin-catalyzing properties, algae can get your skin on its way back to its youthful heyday!

Hydration & nourishment

If you’re looking for nourishment, you should also look to algae. Its rich source of fatty acids can fight against inflammation, leaving skin soft, even and supple. Some algae even contain a bacteria called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which has proven to be more abundant in proteins and minerals than a mother’s milk!

Choose the right algae product

Whether you’re seeking an anti-aging remedy, plumped, water-soaked skin or a barrier against the world’s harsh externalities to stay radiant, Biotherm has dedicated itself to sourcing the most adapted algae to infuse into your beauty regimen.

Allow your skin to truly breathe

Teeming with Chlorella Vulgaris extract, the “breathing algae”, Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen range helps your skin to breathe better in urban environments, all the while detoxifying and repairing your skin from harsh external aggressors - perfect for city dwellers. Be sure to adapt this regime in accordance with your skin’s specific needs!

Plump and firm

An undoubtedly fascinating wonder of the sea, the dark cultivated algae extract enriched in Aquasource Everplump Night mask is capable of producing a powerful energy-generating extract – but only in the absence of light. On the skin, this creation cultivates a (clinically proven) natural second barrier and locks in plumping moisture all night long, resulting in boosted skin recovery and replenishment.

Defy your skin’s age

Native to Greenland’s glacial waters, the Algae of Youth™ packed into Blue Therapy Multi Defender counteracts aging by neutralizing inflammation, boosting age-damaged proteins and speeding up skin repair. Meanwhile, the red algae Furcellaria Lumbricalis, native to the rocky underwater of Scandinavia, combats the harmful effects of pollution, deeply nourishing the skin and consolidating its natural barrier.

Are you ready for an algae-enriched skincare regimen?

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