Beauty editor-approved: one application for 48 hours of hydration

Plunge your skin in to rejuvenating hydration

As a member of the #livemore editorial team, I am forever reminded of the importance of hydration for our bodies and minds.Water not only improves our cognitive function (according to a study by the University of East London, a glass of water can help boost brain function by 14%!), but it also moisturises skin from the inside out. However, sometimes we need to give our skin a little boost to get it really glowing, and I have a secret weapon for the ultimate hydration: Aquasource Gel

A cool treatment for hydrated, radiant and soothed skin

After cleansing my skin with my trusty Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water, my face is a blank canvas, ready to be painted as the picture of hydration. Even as I dip my finger in to this cooling moisturizer, I get a sense of what is to come as I feel this gel bounce back, as if to say it’s alive and is ready to make my skin feel the same.

A little goes a long way as I spread this soothing treat onto my face and feel the hydration melt deep into my skin. I am surprised by the lightweight texture of this ocean-based product, however post-pamper my skin feels deeply replenished with no sign of greasy or leftover residue, only long-lasting luminosity and hydration from morning until night… And the morning after, and the morning after that!

I put Aquasource Gel to the real test, challenging the ‘one application = 48-hour hydration’ concept. With no reapplication (even though I was tempted by the addictive, soothing sensation that envelops you with this gel), I still felt the effects of this little gem 48 hours later. I woke up the morning after a hot day with silky smooth, glowing skin, a result that was mirrored for the next 24 hours even in slightly less favorable conditions (oh summer storms) - as if just applied, my skin retained a healthy, plumped and radiant look. Well played, Biotherm.

A unique combination of ingredients for the ultimate hydrating formula

A study carried out by Biotherm has proven that Aquasource gel presents 15 benefits to our skin, including hydration (an improvement of 105% in extreme conditions), strengthening (33% improvement), softening (88% agreed) and increasing luminosity (74% saw improvements).

These numerous benefits can be attributed to Aquasource gel’s unique ingredients. The hydrating formula is enriched with the rejuvenating Life Plankton, a 35-strong blend of minerals and nutrients which work to stimulate skin cell regeneration and prevent moisture loss.

Aquasource Gel also contains Mannose, a natural sugar derived from tree pulp which has excellent moisturising properties through its ability to encourage the skin to store water in the five deepest layers of the epidermis, as well as stimulating cell regeneration to increase skin thickness by 25%, .

We lose nearly 30% of our overall water loss through the skin, so Aquasource Gel acts as a shield, entrapping vital ingredients which are needed to keep skin deeply hydrated for 48 hours.


After being amazed by the intense moisturizing and hydrating results, I chose to incorporate Aquasource gel into my daily beauty regime to kick start my skin in the morning, preparing my complexion for a hectic day - but with glowing skin like this, who would know?! I follow up by applying Skin Best CC Cream to my gorgeously soft and smooth skin in order to enhance my fresh complexion for a light but effective day-long coverage.

I’ve tried a lot of moisturisers which make exciting promises, but Aquasource Gel is definitely one that has exceeded expectations. Don’t hesitate to give this secret weapon a try, and get ready for 48 hours of intense hydration in one application.

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