© Cyril Masson / Studio White

© Cyril Masson / Studio White

Say goodbye to winter dryness

Say goodbye to winter skin dryness.

In winter our natural instinct is to hibernate - we look for ways to stay cozy, warm and protected from the wild outside. Your skin needs extra protection from the constant yoyo between the extreme cold and biting winds and the overheated interiors of our homes and offices. The perfect remedy? Aquasource Cocoon, a balm-in-gel that provides your skin with ultimate comfort and hydration for up to 48 hours.

Winter is not kind to the skin

The skin becomes completely vulnerable once winter hits - dehydration and skin rashes are almost inevitable. Dehydration is caused by the reduction in lipids (ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids) that protect your skin’s barrier from losing water and sebum.

You can tell if your skin is dehydrated if it’s:

-Red and irritated

-Feels tight

-Feels dry

-Feels less supple

Aquasource Cocoon, your ally against winter’s worst

Aquasource Cocoon creates a soft veil over the skin to protect it from any damage that the cold causes. The texture is as light as a gel, which allows it to melt into the skin instantly. The balm aspect deeply nourishes the skin without blocking pores.

Aquasource Cocoon has an innovative texture and is filled with technologically advanced ingredients, among them the patented Céramide 5, capable of stimulating lipids and deeply hydrating the skin.

How to face the winter and keep skin hydrated all winter long:

-Don’t make your showers or baths too hot

-Moisturize right after you wash or rinse your skin

-Use micellar water to wash your face

-Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

-Sleep with a humidifier to add moisture into the air

-And finally, stay well hydrated with water and herbal teas

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