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Day 10: Break a sweat to help your sensitive skin

Don’t be afraid to get sweaty – it’s good for your skin!

For the past few days we’ve told you how great exercise is for sensitive skin and how to protect it during your workouts. The last important element you need to know when it comes to fitness and your skin is that perspiration is your friend!

If you’ve been a #LIVEMORE reader for a while, then perhaps you’ve already seen our article on how sweat naturally cleanses the skin. It helps rid the body of toxins, improves circulation, and can shed dead skin cells. It also releases endorphins, making you feel good – even more proof of how exercise is such a wonderful stress-busting activity. And as you already know, the better your circulation is, and the less stressed you feel, the less reactive your sensitive skin will be. Sweat is one of your best allies to help you get stronger skin!

We recommend working out with other people, as it will make your workouts more fun, and could even boost your happiness levels even further: in 2015 it was discovered that your emotions can be communicated through perspiration and can even be briefly passed on to other people. This means that if your workout buddy is feeling euphoric, chances are you will too, thus benefitting your sensitive skin that much more!

Just be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing with breathable fabrics to your workouts (friction is a sensitive skin trigger, according to Dr. Lebar) and always wipe away impurities after a workout.

While on the subject of impurities, tomorrow we’ll be sharing a post-workout beauty routine for sensitive skin. You’ll get plenty of tips to make sure your reactive skin doesn’t get irritated and will stay blemish-free!

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