Did you know that push-ups will sculpt much more than just your arms?

Tip 14: Learn how to do raised push-ups with Amanda Bisk #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER

It’s time to put this must-do exercise to practice, the right way! Here’s something you might not have known about the humble push up, it’s not just a pec and arm exercise, it's actually one of the best ways to build overall upper body and abdominal strength. Use my tips below to perfect your technique and get the most from your push ups!

What muscles will we use? Arms, Pecs, Shoulders, Abdominals, Deep Abdominals.

Why they are good for us: Not only do they work our big upper body muscles to tone our arms and shoulders, push ups also challenge you inner core and stability muscles (the muscles that protect your spine and encourage good posture.

How to do them : 

- Start by finding a raised surface, the higher it is, the easier the exercise will be.

- Find your plank position (Pic 1) with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep a nice straight line from the crown of your head to your heels. It’s important to pull your belly button into your spine to activate your core, and pull your shoulders AWAY from your ears (think ‘long neck’) to remove tension from your neck.

- Holding this strong body position start to bend your elbows, lowering your chest (Pic 2). Activate your core to stop any sagging in your lower back.

Important: It is very common to drop your head here and allow your shoulders to lift your ears during this exercise (like a hunch back position), especially if you are new to the push up or are still developing upper body strength…Make sure you keep your head up and neck long, and only lower down as far as you can keeping good technique. Don’t worry you will get stronger with practice!

At home: This exercise is perfect to do using a dinning room chair, kitchen bench top, or if you are a beginner even a wall (wall push ups). Do sets of 20 repetitions, with 1min recovery in between while you are waiting for dinner to cook!

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