Have your dad become a beauty guru for Father's Day

Because we love you (and your skin), dad!

Dads deserve to be spoiled. Indeed, something must be done to express our appreciation for all the late night pickups, guidance and comfort food he has so kindly offered us over the years – even if the majority of it was a decade ago! Of course, there’s always the football game option, but why not indulge your dad in some good old skin TLC this year? He may not realise it, but men need to look after their skin, just as women do. Educate your dad and get inspired for a Father’s Day gift by the easy skincare routine below that could end up releasing the beauty guru within him.

Top tip: Men’s skin is different to women’s. They produce more sebum due to their larger pores, and they also tend to have thicker skin. Bare this in mind and make sure to find out the skin type your dad, in order to select his products wisely.

STEP 1: Cleanse

Why: It is important that he cleanses his face day and night. Cleansing first thing in the morning will refresh the skin and remove impurities. Before going to bed, washing his face will prevent the oil and other bacteria from getting clogged in his pores.

How: By using Total Recharge Cleanser, a revitalizing wake-up cleanser. He should apply this fresh gel all over his face with water and gently rub it in gentle circles (men’s skin is sensitive too!). This process will open his pores and help to remove any deep impurities. As a result, his skin will be toned up, and look and feel much fresher.

Top Tip: Men aren’t known for their overflowing bathroom cupboards, so a 2 in 1 may be less overwhelming, such as Biotherm’s 2 in 1 Shaver, which is both a cleanser and shaving gel. Enriched with Life Plankton™, this product eliminates dirt and dead skin cells to enable a clean shave, while the foaming formula allows a comfortable glide.

STEP 2: Hydrate

Why: Moisturizing your skin offers many benefits; it provides hydration, as well as the essential oils that adorn you with a youthful appearance and healthy-looking face.

How: After washing his face, he should apply Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Care ultra-moisturizing over his entire profile. Not only will the cream powerfully hydrate his skin throughout the day thanks to the Oligothermal formula packed inside, it also has an immediate cooling sensation – something we think he’ll love!

STEP 3: Prevent

Why: As we know, our skin is exposed to daily external aggressions such as pollution and UV rays (link to May SPF article), which significantly damage our skin and contribute to those pesky tell-tale signs of aging.

How: To fend off those years, it is crucial for your pa to use an SPF protection (even when it’s cloudy!). Enter Aquapower Daily Defense SPF 14: your dad’s must-have for this Father’s Day. He should pump one dollop into the palm of his hand, and apply it all over his face and neck. The rich source of Life Plankton™, Red Algae and Vitamin E will instantly hydrate and regenerate his skin, as well as building up the protective barrier to ward off external aggressions.

Go the extra mile this Father’s Day and teach your dad about the importance of a beauty routine. He (and his skin) will be sure to thank you!

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