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Euro 2016: does yerba mate help soccer players score goals?

We investigated to find out!

With the Euro 2016 final this weekend, no one can seem to talk about anything else. France’s win against Germany was a big one, and Antoine Griezmann scored not one, but two goals! One has to wonder where all of his energy comes from. The answer might be… Yerba mate!

A few days ago the Fédération Française de Football shared a video on their official YouTube page where Griezmann is seen drinking mate and explains how to prepare it. He revealed that he drinks it every morning before the training sessions. So why is this drink so great?

It’s a good substitute for coffee

Rich in caffeine, (1%, which is less than coffee, but more than tea), mate is a beverage that is infused with dried leaves of a plant known as yerba mate. A lot of people drink it in South America and it’s slowly beginning to become more popular in other countries.

Mate makes you more alert

We personally believe that Griezmann has made mate his drink of choice due to these two health benefits:

-Yerba mate helps combat physical and mental fatigue

-Yerba mate can improve cognitive performance

How do you drink it?

Take a little bit of yerba mate and place it in a calabash gourd, which is a hollowed and dried squash plant that has been used for centuries as a “cup” for drinking mate. Pour some hot water over the leaves to let them steep and then stir with a special metal straw called a bombilla. The straw will filter the leaves for you as you drink the mate through it.

So, is yerba mate the secret to scoring a goal in the Euro 2016 soccer matches? It definitely gives someone energy and helps them focus, so we’re very tempted to say yes!

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