Revitalize, heal and nourish your skin after enjoying the outdoors this winter

Don’t let the cold stop you from staying active

During the colder months it’s natural to want to hibernate a little. But the great outdoors, even in winter, has its benefits for your body. It could even make you slimmer! The New England Journal of Medicine reported a study showing that moderately cool temperatures stimulated metabolically active brown fat, which is calorie burning fat. Whether you’re working out, climbing, hiking, biking, or maybe just taking a Sunday stroll outdoors this winter, you need to make sure you take care of your skin.

Some outdoor activities might be even better for you during the wintertime

In Scandinavian countries, many people actively seek out chilly temperatures for the added health benefits. If you can stand the frigid waters, then cold water swimming is said to release beneficial endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, as well as improve circulation. Running outside in the cold can also be good for you, creating less heat stress on the body and may make you run faster as you use oxygen more efficiently.

Protecting and healing skin from the outdoors

The lower humidity levels in the air during colder wintertime already means that skin has a tendency to dry out. On top of that, cooler air tightens the pores on your skin and reduces blood flow. This decreases the body’s sebum oil production, which is what forms our naturally protective outer layer that helps trap moisture into the skin. We also know that wind and cold, sweating and UV light are all aggravators for already sensitive, dry or inflamed skin. That means your skin needs some extra care when it’s facing the elements.

Whenever you’re getting active outdoors, building up a sweat releases salt and bacteria, which can harden and clog pores. Biotherm’ new Skin Fitness Range is a new generation of body care designed with active women in mind. Remove all those impurities that can irritate your skin by showering with Skin Fitness Purifying Body Foam. This cleansing wash is enriched with protein packed Spirulina, which acts as a skin cellular energy boost.

It’s a fact that sporty women suffer from dryer skin, as the cold and wind, friction from activewear and hot showers can create rough and flaky skin. After spending time outside, it’s important to choose a good body moisturizer and face moisturizer to boost hydration levels. Aqua Gelée gives cool relief to tired limbs, with a water jelly formula that bursts onto skin for up to 48 hours continued hydration. And Aquasource SPF15 not only shields your face from damaging UV rays and exposure to outdoor pollution, it also delivers some much needed deep hydration. Opt for an intense treatment, for post-workout pampering, with Life Plankton Mask .This extremely soothing repair mask helps to regenerate and bring back bounce to tired, red and irritated skin.

Your skin doesn’t need to pay the price for the time you enjoy outdoors this winter.

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