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Hashtag of the month: #Gezellig

Could the secret of happiness lie in this Dutch word?

In 2016 the world was introduced to the Danish art of joy and coziness, known as hygge. Other cultures use different words, like Lagom", "Cwtch", "Koselig" and "Gemütlichkeit", and “Gezellig” but the concept is the same. The latter currently has over 300,000 posts on Instagram proving that #gezellig is gaining in popularity. Why are people suddenly so infatuated with the word and what it represents? Let’s investigate!

#Gezellig: the quest for coziness

Like hygge, things that are considered “gezellig” are activities that make people feel happy, cozy and warm during the winter. Some examples are lighting candles, reading a book curled up next to the fire, and having dinner with friends in soft lighting.

Hygge and gezellig became trendy in 2016, especially in countries where the winters are long and the days are short. In England gezellig has been translated as “coziness”, in Canada it’s referred to as “hominess”, “gemütlichkeit” in Germany and “lagom” in Sweden. While the words may be different, the overall goal remains the same: to help people find happiness, appreciate the little things in life, and connect with loved ones. Denmark and the Netherlands are classified as two of the happiest countries in the world, so if there’s anyone we should be adopting wellness trends from, it’s definitely these countries!

The health benefits of #gezellig

Anything that is cozy or makes you feel good (decoration, food, relationships…) can be considered “gezellig”. Because the word can be applied to so many different aspects of our lives, it helps us find ways to reduce our anxiety on a daily basis. Since we all know that stress is not good for our health (or skin) it’s important to do things that lift our spirits. One of our personal favorite ways to relax, unwind and de-stress is to run a warm bath and apply a face mask like Aquasource Night Spa. It deeply hydrates and calms our skin. This gezellig beauty ritual lowers our cortisol levels and makes us feel happier, which in turn helps our complexion look brighter and prevents premature aging.

If you adopt the gezellig wellness trend, we can assure you that you’ll become a happier person!

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