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Hashtag of the month: #iwokeuplikethis

How to start your skin’s day beautiful and be confident to wear #nomakeup!

You’re not alone if you wake up every morning lethargic, already willing the day to end with dull, sunken skin – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Alongside starting the day right with a nutritious breakfast and relaxing yoga routine (it may sound overly ambitious, but trust us – you adapt quickly!), it is key to adopt an optimal night time beauty routine, in order for your skin to wake up happy and glowing. If you’re wondering what exactly that constitutes, then keep scrolling to get inspired by the women who were confident enough to say #iwokeuplikethis (“this” meaning utterly glowing and beautiful) thanks to their radiance-injecting pre-shuteye skincare secrets!

1. Aquasource Everplump Night

Since our skin loses up to 4X more water at night, it is necessary to replenish our face’s fast-depleting hydration while we sleep, in order to wake up revitalized and glowing. Enter: Aquasource Everplump Night . Jam-packed with dark cultivated algae, which is capable of producing a powerful energy-generating extract – but only in the absence of light – your skin will wake up plumped and regenerated, thanks to the creation of a (clinically proven) natural second skin barrier.

How to use: Every night, smooth the gel all over your face and neck, and gently massage in until absorbed. In a mere one week, you will see and feel the difference!

2. Aquasource Everplump

If night masks aren’t your thing, then try Aquasource Everplump: the lighter, daytime-appropriate sister of Aquasource Everplump Night. 2X more hydrating than Biotherm’s regular moisturizer, the new daily gel plumps away even the finest of lines, all the while replenishing and strengthening skin.

How to use: To wake up to dreamy skin, apply every night (and morning) by gently rubbing the gel into your face in an outward pattern. Your skin will be plumped, energized and ready to go – au revoir snooze button!

3. Skin Fitness

If you’re a workout addict, then this is the night time solution for you! While we applaud you for all your hard efforts, it is an undeniable fact that active women have dryer skin, due to their frequent exposure to UV rays, the cold, the wind, friction from sportswear and hot showers. This can lead to an unpleasant morning feeling of lackluster skin, in the face of tightness and flakiness. However, Biotherm’s Skin Fitness range is a bespoke treatment for exercise enthusiasts, ranging from soothing the skin to purifying it, as well as accelerating post-workout recovery.

How to use: Simply smooth the product over your skin pre or post-exercise, depending on the product. Don’t let your skin suffer at the expense of your body’s gains!

4. Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you can often wake up irritated and rouged due to fluctuating body temperatures. However, infused at 5% of Life Plankton™ – Biotherm’s highest concentration of the highly regenerative micro-organism yet – Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion will soothe and regenerate your irritated skin all night long, adorning you with boosted brightness, uniformity and elasticity in the morning.

How to use: Press three pumps onto your fingertips and gently massage into your face from the inside-out, with particular attention to problem areas.

Also look to Life Plankton™ Essence for all skin types, equipped with the same intense concentration of Life Plankton™ and praised by Alice Kong, who felt confident enough to wear #nomakeup to work after a minimal eight days!

You and your skin deserve to say #iwokeuplikethis every morning. Start adapting your night time beauty routine!

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