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Hashtag of the month: #workout wednesday

Fight the humpday slump!

If you’re a member of the #fitfam, then you’re definitely no stranger to the #workoutwednesday hashtag. It’s a day on Instagram where people participate in sports challenges, and it attracts no less than 300,000 fitness enthusiasts.

Whether it’s weight training, cardio or HIIT, it only takes a matter of minutes to stay in shape. It’s therefore easy to replace your mid-week slowdown with a physical and feel-good speed-up!

#workoutwednesday: the hashtag to get you motivated

It’s not easy to find the time to exercise during the week. Luckily, however, Instagram is there to provide us with an encouraging nudge in the right direction. Playing the role of coach 2.0, social media is much appreciated by fitness lovers who lose momentum in the face of their busy working weeks.

There’s someone to motivate everyone: Dylan Werner for yogis, Mathew Fraser for those inspired by cross-fit and heavy-lifters can look to Andy Speer. And that’s without even taking into account certified coaches such as Gideon Akande and fitness pros who promote their own training programs, like Ryan Spiteri.

Thanks to their advice, recipe ideas and fitness tutorials, the community setting provides us with the boost that is all too often cruelly stripped from us during the week. As with a group workout class, the feeling of team spirit pushes us to go further than we would on our own.

If you find the time to hit the gym during your lunch break, stash Biotherm’s deodorant shower gel Day Control Body in your bag to enjoy fresh, rejuvenated skin after your workout and to ensure that you stop perspiring once your hard efforts are over!

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