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HEAT training: work out like an athlete

HEAT is on its way to becoming more popular and trendy than HIIT!

In 2016 everyone seemed to be obsessed with HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training). This type of training is reserved for people who are already in good shape, but it seriously strengthens your muscles and improves your cardiovascular endurance. Now in 2017 HEAT, otherwise known as High Energy Athletic Training has emerged as a trend and is gaining more and more followers by the day. But how does it differ from HIIT?

HEAT: the workouts that will make you as mentally strong as an athlete

The biggest difference between HIIT and HEAT is that the latter focuses not only on making you stronger physically, but mentally as well. The sessions are broken up into three parts: a cardio warm-up, strength training, and speed training. This sequence helps stimulate neurons, which control muscle movement.

During a HEAT workout the intensity level is progressively increased (just like in athlete training sessions), in order to help expand and improve your mental endurance. The exercises build resistance and strength and are done as a group. It’s proven that group exercise classes help you push yourself harder, so don’t be surprised if you come out feeling like you’re the King of Gym after your HEAT session is over.

Strengthening your muscles and your mind through HEAT workouts is guaranteed to help you be a better athlete and person. We’re positive that this type of training is going to catch on all over the world soon enough!

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