Beauty resolutions: Put down your phone to pick up your skin

Do you know how your phone can affect your skin?

It’s 2018, and life without our phones seems unimaginable. What would we do without our hourly dose of instagram, Facetiming with our loved ones, or those naughty online-shopping sessions? However, did you know that it is in fact these treasured phones that can often be the root cause of our skincare woes? Keep reading to get the lowdown on the reasons to tear away from your tech and achieve flawless skin.

Reason #1: Heal your skin against the aging effects of HEV light

The problem: You know that UV light from the sun can be damaging to your skin, but did you know that the light emitted from your mobile phone can also cause concerns? Known as High-Energy Visible light (HEV), Mary Logue at the University of New Mexico studied its effects and found that these blue rays can penetrate deep into your skin and deplete your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid stores. In turn, this can cause premature aging with regards to loss of volume, pigmentation and fine lines.

The antidote: To counteract the effect of HEV light on your skin, use an antioxidant-rich cream to act as a barrier against free radicals and protect your skin. Our recommendation is the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel , which not only provides intense hydration, detoxification and nourishment deep into your complexion, but thanks to its Chlorella-enriched formula, reinforces and protects the skin’s barrier.

Reason #2: Give your skin a boost against the appearance of ‘tech neck’

The problem: According to Dendy Engleman, MD., ‘tech neck’ refers to the laxity of neck skin caused by repetitive folding when looking down at your phone. Your neck is particularly prone to wrinkling, loss of volume and lack of firmness because the skin in this area is so thin and collagen levels are comparatively low.

The antidote: A skincare product which boosts your natural collagen stores is essential to help combat tech neck. Aquasource Everplump is rich in Blue Hyaluron; a natural hyaluronic acid which is born from aquatic biology, glycerin and hydrating elements to penetrate fast and have immediate plumping effects. Apply to your neck by massaging in, stimulating blood flow to the area and working to replenish, strengthen and smooth out your skin.

Reason #3: Avoid the possibility of breakouts and get a flawless complexion

The problem: A survey conducted by research company Dscout , found that on average we touch our phones 2,617 times per day, with heavier users reaching 5,500 touches. With the amount of contact that we have with our mobile phones, it’s no wonder that the surface of our tech is a breeding ground for bacteria, and can trigger acne. With each phone call, we reintroduce new impurities to our skin; clogging pores, irritating our complexion and leading to breakouts.

The antidote: Cleansing both morning and night is an essential step in preventing impurities from causing acne. Our recommendation is Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser , which detoxifies, purifies and removes impurities without drying out the skin. With its concentration in Chlorella, your complexion will feel like it is able to breathe again with every cleansing session. Finish up your skincare regimen by ensuring that you’ve provided your complexion with a protective shield. Thanks to its anti-pollution technology, the Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist leaves your complexion defended against toxins and impurities, and can easily be reapplied on-the-go if you find you’re having an above average day on your phone!

Taking time away from your phone may seem a challenge, but in the quest for flawless skin it could be the key that unlocks the secret to your healthiest complexion. 

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