Give your skin a healing break with this revitalizing detox

Put down the wine and pick up your skin - here’s how alcohol can really affect your complexion

In the quest for flawless skin we’ll try anything, but what if we told you that there may be one easy fix that’s been staring us in the face to give our skin a real boost? Giving up alcohol, or at least cutting back, can have a huge effect on the health of our skin, and can give us the edge that we need to rejuvenate our complexion. Take this month to do a complete detox from alcohol, cutting out the wine, beer and spirits and replacing them with skincare saviors to finally achieve the perfect complexion.


Rehydration is the key to rejuvenating your skin in this detox month

When we drink alcohol, it becomes virtually impossible for our bodies to stay hydrated. It restricts the amount of oxygenated blood to our skin that is necessary to keep it nourished, as well as suppressing the production of the hormone ‘vasopressin’ which is responsible for helping us reabsorb water. Not only does alcohol force water out of our body, but it also hinders its replenishment!

To combat any signs of dryness or dehydration, give your skin some healing attention with the Aquasource Night Spa for intense replenishment. As the perfect complement to your detox, this triple effect balm gives your skin the ultimate night-time spa experience. The powerful combination of Life Plankton™ and Polynesian Marine Organism Extract works to heal and deeply nourish your skin, increasing water reserves in your epidermis by 30% in just one application. Wake up to a transformed complexion, with dehydrated lines evened out, radiance reignited and skin as if water-plumped.

Use this powerful antioxidant to reinvigorate your complexion

Alcohol can decrease the body’s level of vitamin A; the antioxidant that is important for cellular renewal and regeneration and is responsible for giving your complexion a healthy glow. When your skin is lacking in these antioxidants, it can weaken its quality and make it harder for your epidermis to fight off the free radicals that can do damage to your natural barrier.

Inject your skincare routine with some antioxidant power in the form of the Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate . Formulated with Chlorella, aka the Algae that Breathes, this powerful serum works to detoxify, heal and strengthen the skin. With its unique antioxidant and regenerating activities, this fresh serum will give your skin just the boost it needs throughout this detox period!

Soothe your skin with this healing microorganism

Alcohol acts as a vasodilator, meaning that it can open up blood vessels and cause the appearance of redness on your skin. Furthermore, this dilation can also be the cause of inflammation. However the good news is that when you stop drinking, the visibility of this rosacea and puffiness will return to normal once you start to rehydration your complexion. Give your skin a boost during this detox period by adopting Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion . As a fundamental, hydrating care, it gives your skin all the nourishment it requires as well as delivering a concentrated dose of Life Plankton™ to heal and soothe your complexion. If used twice a day for this entire detox month, your skin will be 64% less reactive to daily aggression and 36% less rouged.

It may not be easy, but kicking the wine this month in favor of rejuvenating your skin will transform your complexion.

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