Turn off the lights and prepare for your most rejuvenating night mask yet

Discover the secret world of Dark Cultivated Algae

Your skin has it’s own circadian rhythm and whilst you’re sleeping, it is working harder than ever. Research has confirmed that a poor night’s sleep negatively affects the appearance of your skin, increases signs of aging and reduces the skin's protective barrier function. That’s because cell regeneration is at its peak during the night and there’s an increase in blood flow, to give much needed nutrients to the skin as well as remove toxins.

Tap into this healing time

As your skin has distinct needs during the day and night, it’s important to support these differences through your skincare routine. During the day your skin is busy shielding against external aggressors, therefore benefiting from protecting products like Blue Therapy Multi-Defender and the Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist. During the night the focus turns towards healing, however the repair process can be hard work, with your skin losing up to 4 times more water.

Enter; Aquasource Everplump Night , which offers nighttime skin all the support it needs with the help of its secret replenishing weapon: Dark Cultivated Algae Extract.

Just like your skin, Dark Cultivated Algae needs the darkness

New blue biotechnology is constantly unlocking the treasures to be found in the tens of thousands of species of algae, which are living in the depths of our oceans. With proven beauty enhancing powers, these natural skin allies can hydrate, firm, soothe and detoxify.

Dark Cultivated Algae is fermented in the dark. That’s because it’s only in the absence of light that it is able to produce an extract which is rich in “energy generating” molecules. It’s this extract, inside Aquasource Everplump Night, that helps to boost skin recovery with its second skin effect.

This powerful night mask is further enhanced with the power of mineral-rich deep seawater, extracted from a natural reservoir in Brittany at more than 70 feet deep. This barrier acts as a ‘hydration reinforcer’, preventing TEWL (transepidermal water loss) as well as improving the skin’s circulation of water for an ultimate moisture replenishment.

A unique gel texture...and color!

To lock in the power of revitalizing Dark Cultivated Algae Extract onto the skin, the product uses a new-generation bounceback gel texture, that self-reforms and creates a natural second skin barrier to seal in plumping moisture all night long.

Furthermore, with its unique and innovative black gel color, plunge into the darkness for your most healing nights sleep yet. Naturally produced, with no artificial or synthetic coloring, Aquasource Everplump night will help your skin bounce back into shape, so you can awake to soft, plumping results and a well rested appearance. After one week you’ll see the benefits of the unique Dark Cultivated Algae Extract through skin that looks firmer, more elastic and with dehydration lines reduced.

Make the most out of your healing night mask with these application tips

For your most effective treatment, it’s important to prep the skin first. After deeply purifying your skin with a cleanser such as the Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water, reach for Life Plankton Essence to really give your night mask a boost. With a highly lipid structure and thus a natural affinity for the skin’s membrane, this powerful facial essence works with your epidermis not only to renew your complexion, but also to make your skin more receptive to your subsequent skincare products.

Follow up with Aquasource Everplump Night. Turn off the lights for instant relaxation and rejuvenation, and apply a generous amount to your complexion. Massage in circular motions to stimulate your skin as well as ensuring that every corner of your skin has been treated by this unique formula. Do so for around 2 minutes, until the formula is absorbed into your skin, then lie back, relax and enjoy your most healing sleep yet.

Under the cover of darkness is when you can reveal truly rejuvenated skin thanks to Aquasource Everplump Night.

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