How can I improve the effectiveness of my skincare routine?

How can I improve the effectiveness of my skincare routine?

Preparation is the key to success: here's how to upgrade your anti-aging routine

Fight the signs of aging like a pro, because you wouldn’t go into battle unprepared!

You’ve already invested the time and money into discovering the best anti-aging products out there to keep you looking youthful for a long as possible. But are you using them in the best way to make them as effective as can be? To maximise results, just a little bit of preparation goes a long way!

Create the perfect blank canvas for your anti-aging routine with deep purification

First things first. You can’t create a masterpiece painting over a dirty canvas. It’s important to prepare your skin by removing impurities and unblocking pores. That way your skin is more receptive to absorbing the anti-aging nutrients you’re about to apply. Be sure to choose a good quality cleanser for all your needs.

To remove all traces of makeup, even stubborn waterproof, enlist the help of Biosource Total Renew Oil. This self-foaming oil also gets rid of every last trace of sweat, urban toxins and impurities that may have built up. For the ultimate fresh results, and fast, follow up with Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water to remove all water-based impurities. Its multi-detox complex removes makeup, purifies and tones in one step, as well as being enriched with Life Plankton™ for healing properties.

Facial essences are the essential step in healing and priming your skin

If you’re still unfamiliar with essences, it’s time to get acquainted as they’re about to give a serious boost to your anti-aging routine. The lightweight formulas have the consistency of cosmetic waters, but with the nutrient concentration of serums. On freshly cleansed skin they deeply penetrate to deliver a dose of active ingredients to support your skin. Discover the perfect skin primer in Life Plankton™ Essence; the first step to your skincare routine. Its pure concentration in Life Plankton™ offers over 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and more, to revive the skin’s vital functions and create newborn skin.

Top tips for applying an anti-aging treatment

If you’re just slapping your anti-aging cream on, then you’re missing a trick! Apply your formulas morning and night in a soft, gliding movement. To improve the product results, try out these application movements to boost micro-circulation before applying the formula:

For the ultimate anti-wrinkle action: The so-called “palper rouler” technique seeks to massage the skin with your fingers, to smooth fine lines and relax the aging signs. Gently squeezing and rolling the skin without releasing, moving from the centre of the face, outwards, will help to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid in the release and drainage in toxins which may cause the appearance of wrinkling.

To combat lack of volume and plump up your skin: If you’re looking to give your skin a little boost and add some plumpness to your complexion, stimulating blood flow is key. Massage your skin in circular motions, focusing in particular on the area around the eyes to combat dark circles and lack of volume.

Reignite your radiance for youthful skin: To boost microcirculation and layers of oxygenation, lightly pat the skin, as if playing the piano, stimulating the epidermis and giving your complexion a radiant glow.

Rejuvenate your skin while you sleep

Powerful things happen under the cloak of darkness. It’s actually when your skin is at its busiest; repairing and regenerating. The most effective anti-aging skincare regime’s make the most of this healing time. Containing extracts of a macro and micro algae, which have survived due to their regenerative and reparative powers, Blue Therapy Serum-In-Oil supports your skin and works to tackle the signs of aging. Awaken smoothed out wrinkles, the reduced appearance of dark spots and firmer contours.

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