Make a difference with this ultimate sustainable skincare routine

Make a difference with this ultimate sustainable skincare routine

Make a difference with this ultimate sustainable skincare routine

Let’s change our skin care habits for the good of the planet.

Our planets’ precious natural resources won’t last forever. Alarming statistics from environmental campaign groups reveal we’re already using over 50% more natural resources than the Earth can provide us. A report from the United Nations found that the rate of environmental damage across the globe is increasing at an even faster rate than previously thought, however there is still time to reverse the worst impacts if we act now. So alongside saving water, recycling and limiting your energy use, why not take small sustainable steps with your skincare routine? Every little action can certainly make a big difference...

Calling all Water Lovers...

Sustainable beauty not only involves looking at ingredients that go into products and checking they are good quality and sourced well, it also means examining their long-term impact on the environment. Committed to reducing their ecological footprint by 60%, Biotherm feels passionately about saving our planet, and in particular about protecting our oceans. That’s why their Water Lover’s action platform fund’s projects which create so-called ‘Hope Spots’, of marine protected areas.

It’s also why you’ll find eco-friendly products like Waterlover Sun Milk, which is their most respectful suncare of aquatic life. Many sunscreens contain ingredients which are toxic to coral and are partly responsible for the decline of the world’s reefs. One study even found high concentrations of a chemical called oxybenzone around reefs in Hawaii and the Caribbean, where it altered the corals DNA causing it to die. The Waterlover’s Sun Milk Collection is eco-tested, with a 95% biodegradable base formula, enriched with Vitamin E, Life Plankton™ and Mexoryl SX and XL to offer great sun protection, but with a lower impact on the water environment.

Switch up your skincare routine and choose sustainable ingredients

Any sustainable beauty routine should completely avoid polyethylene microbeads. Tiny grains of plastic which don’t biodegrade, they are largely used as an exfoliant in toothpaste and skincare products. The good news is it's easy to find alternatives which do the same job. Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelee is more than 89% biodegradable and uses the naturally exfoliating benefits of volcanic rock instead. It also contains L.Saccharina golden algae extract, to remove even the smallest impurities one by one, for skin that is perfectly clean and a planet which is increasingly protected.

Plunge into the wonders of blue biotechnology

Whilst we want to take advantage of all the natural wonders our earth provides, it needs to be done in a responsible way. Sustainable, aquatic-based technology aims to harness the power of the ocean, yet not at the expense of aquatic life. This modern science is already providing remarkable natural ingredients, which are used in some of Biotherm’s most loved products. Life Plankton™ Essence contains a micro-organism with such extraordinary regenerative properties that it has been heralded as the “fountain of youth”. Aquasource Gel contains an exclusive star ingredient called Mannose. This naturally occurring simple sugar is obtained through a sustainable green chemistry extraction and plunges deep into skin to create long lasting hydration. The Skin Oxygen range unleashes the energy of a magical breathing algae called Chlorella, which has detoxifying powers that corrects imperfections due to urban environments.

As individuals there’s perhaps never been a more vital time to make more sustainable choices, and that goes for our beauty products too.

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