How can men keep their skin healthy and strong during a workout?

How can men keep their skin healthy and strong during a workout?

Guys, give your skin the best workout of its life with these 4 skin care tips

Keep your skin as strong as your body during your next workout.

Here’s some good news for you gentlemen: keeping fit could improve the look and feel of your skin, not just your body. That’s because researchers at McMaster University discovered heightened levels of a substance that’s vital for skin cell health, called IL-15, in samples of participants who’d just hit the gym. Make sure you’re not neglecting your skin during your workout by following our expert advice to maximize the skin-boosting benefits of exercise.

1. Be prepared

Any good boyscout knows that preparation is king. You’re about to battle though your exercise routine, so your skin better be ready for the punishing regime that’s about to follow. What you might not realize is that washing your skin before your workout is just as important as doing it afterwards. That’s because any impurities, like dirt, environmental pollution and excess oils, are going to mix with your sweat to create a pore-clogging combination. To avoid this, be sure to cleanse your face before you get started. For an extra wake-up call Total Recharge Cleanser has the added benefit of mint water to push you into action.

2. Protect your skin during your workout

As you sweat, you’re going to lose water through evaporation. That means your skin is at risk of dehydration. As well as drinking plenty of water throughout your exercise, lock water into your skin with a moisturizer. Choose something light that won’t block pores, but also extra hydrating like Aquapower Fresh Water-Gel; a transparent cooling moisturizer with peppermint water. If you’re heading outdoors, double up your protection with UV Defense Sport. With SPF 30 to guard against UV rays, its antioxidant action was developed with the Quicksilver rider team to resist extreme sporting conditions.

3. Detoxify

It’s time to hit the showers, and after working up a good sweat Day Control Body Shower Deodorant is just what you need to wash away all the sweaty signs of that tough workout. This fully hydrating gel eliminates body impurities and toxins, leaving you nothing but fresh all day long. All that bacteria, oil and sweat that’s still lingering on your face after your workout needs to be removed before it starts to clog your pores. Now’s a good time to go the extra mile and use Biotherm Homme’s Facial Exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells that can leave your complexion looking dull for rejuvenated and renewed skin.

4. Recharge tired skin

You’ve washed away the bad stuff from your skin, now it’s time to give it a boost of the good stuff. After your workout, when your battery is running on empty, then treat your skin to some Total Recharge Care. This double duty moisturizer and skin energizer will combat any signs of fatigue, for a “four hour extra sleep” effect. With Spirulina algae, pure ginseng, vitamin C, caffeine and guarana, just think of it as a healthy energy drink for your skin!

Follow these four easy steps to make clean, strong and healthy skin your new favourite gym buddy.

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