Our sunscreens respect our oceans; do yours?

Protecting the planet is easier than you think...

In a world where climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue, it’s all hands on deck to help save our wonderful planet. We’re all recycling, turning down the temperature dials on our showers and cutting down on the amount of time spent in our cars, but is there more we can do to help protect the natural wonders of our world? You bet - while Biotherm supports explorer Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue to protect the world’s precious waters, there’s something very simple you can do too…

With temperatures rising and our daily commitment to wearing SPF becoming ever-stronger, picking the right sunscreen is an important decision. So what if on top of protecting our skin, we could help save our oceans too? It’s an offer that we wouldn’t refuse.

Save the coral reefs!

Many sunscreen formulas contain harmful chemicals that can pose a serious threat to marine life worldwide. An area of particular concern is the degradation of our coral reefs. According to researchers , around 90% of the reefs in the Caribbean have disappeared since 1980.

Furthermore, when washed off in water, the chemicals in some sunscreens can be particularly toxic to phytoplankton - the microscopic algae which can provide the main food source from everything between small fish to whales. We all love algae, for our oceans and our skin, but by wearing harmful sunscreens we can cause it to disintegrate, which can have lasting, unfavorable effects on the aquatic environment.

Enter: Waterlover Sun Milk - the sunscreen that protects oceans

Biotherm’s passion for protecting our oceans and its subsequent commitment to the discovery of sustainable, aquatic-based technology has lead to the discovery of blue biotechnology . By combining aquatic organisms with cutting-edge technology, Biotherm has succeeded in creating ecological products that do their part to protect the big blue.

By choosing Waterlover Sun Milk this summer, we can contribute to the protection and sustainability of aquatic life. This easy-to-apply, ultra-hydrating UV protection has a 95% biodegradable base formula, which therefore has a much lower impact on the marine environment and can contribute to keeping our coral reefs and awe-inspiring ocean species protected for generations to come.

Biotherm is fully committed to the oceans cause, collaborating with with Dr Sylvia Earle, the founder of Mission Blue, to support the international initiative aimed at protecting and restoring the planet’s seabed as well as raising awareness to help restore our planet’s blue heart.

Biotherm’s commitment to sustainability

As well as endeavouring to safeguard our planet’s waters, Biotherm also pledges to improve the sustainability of its sourcing as well as its carbon footprint. 80% of the jars that Biotherm uses for their skincare products contain 40% recycled glass and all of their cardboard packaging is recycled. Furthermore, by printing the instructions on the side of the box as opposed to providing leaflets, Biotherm has saved a whopping 35 tonnes of paper in the last 2 years!

Let’s all do our bit to help save our wonderful planet… Starting with our sunscreen!

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