What is a facial essence?

What is a facial essence?

The lowdown on facial essences: how do they work and do you really need one?

The sensational Korean Beauty regime, now known as K-Beauty, has been popular in Asia for generations, but it’s only relatively recently that the world is becoming aware of it. Although it is ingrained in Korean skincare enthusiasts to take care of their complexion from day 1, finally we are not only waking up

Facial essence: what exactly is it?

As one of the biggest skincare trends to have emerged in recent years, facial essences are a water-like formulation to be added to our regular skincare routines, however what exactly are they? Paula Begoun states that “Essences vary from country to country and brand to brand, but generally speaking they have thin, lightweight, fluid textures – often like a milky toner – that supply skin with antioxidants, soothing agents, and a variety of repairing and anti-aging ingredients”. Essentially, facial essences deliver an intense dose of moisture and hydration deep in to the lower layers of our skin, as well as a highly concentrated formula of active ingredients which heal and revitalize our complexion.

Why do you need a facial essence in your skincare regimen?

Facial essence is taking the world of skincare by storm, so if you thought that the beauty routine you established years ago is still good enough, it’s time to think again - an essential step is missing between cleansing and moisturizing, and the answer is a facial essence for flawless skin. This is because after the cleansing the skin tends to be dry and set, which inhibits the absorption rate of your following products. Our skin is more open to drawing in moisture when it’s already damp, therefore facial essence acts to hydrate, heal and revitalize our skin as well as preparing our complexion for better penetration of subsequent skincare steps.

Life Plankton Essence: the step 0 to any beauty regime

Life Plankton is a micro-organism, 35-strong in nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to name a few, which has intensely healing and regenerative properties. Originally discovered in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees, Life Plankton is the only bacteria to have a lipid structure with a high affinity to skin membranes, therefore intensely renewing your complexion to produce newborn skin. In only 8 days, this powerful essence which is as light as water yet as effective as a serum, transforms skin. Designed to serve as the first step to any beauty regimen, Life Plankton Essence makes skin more radiant, even, smooth, soothe, hydrated and more resilient in just over a week, with 100% of the 469 women tested in Biotherm’s clinical tests saying that they noticed a change in their skin. Furthermore, these assessments also showed something surprising and unbelievable, whereby in a blind test, participants found that this miracle facial essence left skin feeling, on average, 3 years younger in 8 days, and in the best performance, 13 years younger.

The essential skincare regime to incorporate your facial essence

After deeply cleansing our skin with a powerful cleanser such as Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water, enriched with pure extract of Thermal Plankton and working its powerful 3-in-1 purifying, cleansing and toning action, start your skincare routine with a blank canvas. At this stage, this is when you can start with the essential, the step 0 of your beauty regimen; Life Plankton Essence. Apply a few drops on the palm of your hand and lightly spread on your complexion through a combination of dabbing, lightly gliding and patting for maximum absorption.

Following this powerful facial essence, continue your skincare regimen as normal, be that with a serum or directly to a moisturizer. However, after preparation of the skin with a facial essence and therefore making it ultra receptive to subsequent products, the best and most complementary hydrating formula is one which complements the chemistry of Life Plankton™ Essence. This makes Aquasource Gel its ideal moisturizing partner for the next step. This adaptive hydrating gel delivers 48-hour continuous-release moisturizing whatever the conditions. Like the facial essence that it follows, it is enriched with Life PlanktonTM for continued healing and regenerating action, plus moisturizing Mannose to keep skin hydrated to the optimum level for hour after hour.

Facial essences are the first, essential step to your skincare regimen for flawless skin, so be sure to incorporate an essence and your skin will thank you...in as little as 8 days!

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