Our best anti-aging secret? Your hands tell all....

Don’t even think about lying about your age; your hands speak the truth!

Our hands tell a story; from childhood to adulthood, they mark the events of our life and express our personality. So surely the skin on our hands deserves as much attention as the skin on our face? While this may seem to make sense, we tend to disregard our hands and concentrate on other areas of our body. This is where we’re making a mistake! Keep reading in order to understand why we should pamper them daily in order to keep them looking as young as we feel.

Quick reflexes

Over-washing, pollution, UV rays… These can all have a direct impact on the appearance of our hands and can make the skin less smooth, supple and bouncy, occasionally even causing the appearance of pigmentary spots. Here are some of our daily tips and tricks to help slow down the aging process...

Shield from the sun

Just like our faces, our hands are exposed to the sun all year round. UV rays can be harmful to the skin, and can accelerate the appearance of aging, wrinkles and even the formation of brown spots. Wear sunscreen like Lait Solaire Hydratant in order to protect the epidermis from UVA-long and UVB rays. With a vitamin-E-based formula, it also helps to neutralize toxins and stop their production in their tracks, keeping skin looking young.

Daily hand hydration

Regularly applying a moisturizer is essential to maintain the health of your hands. In your handbag, on your desk or bedside table, keep a little bottle of hand cream to ensure you keep those hands hydrated. Take the time to massage the moisturizer into your hands in order to trigger the products’ active ingredients and stimulate microcirculation, ensuring even the smallest blood vessels stay active to keep skin looking fresh. Biotherm’s Biomains age-delaying hand cream restores the skin's’ naturally protective layer thanks to its algae extracts and hydrating agent, keeping hands feeling supple, smooth and soft all year round.

Wear gloves

Throw it back to the 50s and don a pair of gloves to protect your hands. If full immersion in this retro style seems like a bit much, stick to wearing gloves in the winter to prevent the skin from drying out (whilst making a subtle fashion statement at the same time; win-win). Think about wearing them indoors too (hear us out!), as household products and cleaning chemicals can be harmful to our hands. Furthermore, make sure you wear a fetching pair of pink or yellow rubber gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom to avoid any irritation or dehydration.

Life Plankton: the miracle ingredient to rejuvenate our skin?

In the age-old fight against aging, one ingredient has proved its worth: Life Plankton. This miracle microorganism has been on earth for three billion years and possesses incredible regenerative properties.

In order to fully understand its power, Biotherm tested its effectiveness by examining 28 women between 23 and 66 years old for 8 days, applying Life Plankton Essence on one of their hands morning and night. Blindfolded jurors then had to guess the age of the women based solely on the feel of their hands.

Result: after the 8-day testing period, the hand on which Life Plankton was applied appeared 2.7 years younger on average, and at best, 12.8 years younger - imagine what our faces would look like! You can’t argue with those results!

Taking care of our hands is essential in the battle against aging. Moisturizing is the key to protecting our skin and leading us on the path to healthy, young hands that tell the truth about our age.

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