The refreshing trick that can heal our skin and oceans

Take the plunge into cold water therapy

Cold water therapy has been around for thousands of years. Even when civilizations like the Ancient Greeks learnt how to heat water, they continued to bathe in colder climates in order to reap the numerous health benefits. Whether we’re jumping into an icy lake like the Finns, taking a Scottish shower as made famous by James Bond (starts hot and ends cooler) or hopping into a Spartan shower (cold through and through!), stimulate your mind, body and ecological warrior to embrace this refreshing therapy.

Turn down the temperature for rejuvenated skin

Although enveloping our bodies in steamy warmth is a comforting experience, hot showers aren’t necessarily good for our skin. Warmer water strips away some of the natural, protective oils that your skin produces, which can leave skin feeling dry and irritated. So, turn down the temperature and reap the rewards!

A cold shower can improve circulation, which gets our lymphatic processes moving. This is the system which is responsible for flushing out the toxins from our bodies, so by taking the icy plunge and stimulating blood flow we can make our skin appear stronger, rejuvenated and illuminated. Follow up this cold water therapy by heading straight to the step 0 of your beauty regime, Life Plankton Essence, whose ocean-based ingredients can leave skin more hydrated, smooth, even and glowing than ever before.

Shower like 007

By following 007’s style and alternating between hot and cold water, we allow our pores to open up during showering, thoroughly cleansing our skin, and then finish by letting the cold water close them up. If we end our shower on a hotter note, pores remain open which easily allows dust, dirt and oil to re-enter pores and clog them throughout the day. So, if you can’t face the full cold shower, compromise and finish with a cold blast to tighten pores and seal your skin from external factors.

Even though a colder shower can help retain our skin’s natural oils, follow your refreshing blast with an aqua-based moisturizer such as Aquasource Gel in order to help lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration, which will make skin appear illuminated and healthy for up to 48 hours!

Make an ecological and economical difference

Typically, 20% of every shower is lost while we wait around for water to heat up, which can equate to almost 5 gallons of water. Furthermore, when you consider that water heating accounts for 25% of your homes energy use, and almost 40% of that is used up on hot showers, a cold shower once in awhile could be good not only for our purses, but for our planet too!

Biotherm’s Water Lovers initiative has recognized the threat of climate change on our oceans and has vowed to do something about it, committing to company-wide sustainable development, ingredients and packaging in order to cut down their carbon footprint and protect the planet’s blue heart. Take Biotherm’s Waterlover Sun Milk, for example, the ultimate, eco-designed sunscreen which not only provides efficient and soothing protection against UVA/UVB rays, but also has a 95% biodegradable base formula for a lower impact on the water environment, as well as 100% recyclable packaging. So why not do the same and lower the temperature of your shower to help end climate change - trust us, you’ll use less water in a cold shower than a warm one!

Boost your mood with cold water therapy

Experts say that a cold shower in the morning can also do a lot for our mental well-being. A study has shown that cold showers can put a small amount of oxidative stress on your nervous system, which overtime your body will adapt to, making you a calmer and cooler person (literally!).

Plunge into refreshing coolness and help heal your skin, your mind and our oceans!

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