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How the fashion world (and us) fell for the exquisite paper art of Sabrina Transiskus

Sabrina Transiskus is a talented international paper artist who creates beautiful works of art.

Sabrina Transiskus is an extraordinary international paper artist, set designer, and stylist from Germany. She’s been living in Paris for over a decade, and has a background in fashion, art and design. She’s been able to make a name for herself by creating set designs and advertisements for luxury brands and fashion houses. Her acute attention to detail, precision, and passion has made her Biotherm’s choice artist for the 2015 Water Lovers charity project.

Invitation to a magical 3D world

Sabrina Transiskus has a flair for creating ethereal 3D worlds using only paper for her clients. She does everything by hand and produces beautifully delicate work. She has the talent of being able to imagine a brand’s vision and then translating it into a piece of art.

White: the color of choice

White is the color of purity, innocence and hope – and Sabrina Transiskus’s color of choice for her work. It allows her handmade designs to pop but leaves no room for error, which is not a problem for the perfectionist.

Beauty full wishes

Biotherm’s Water Lovers project for 2015 is ‘Art for Antarctica.’ The goal of the project is to help fund research to try to save the Emperor penguins whose colonies are at risk of rapid decline due to global warming. The dominant color for this year’s campaign is white, to represent snow and ice in Antarctica. Transiskus puts her expertise to use to create white snowflakes, and makes them look like little jewels by adding touches of blue, pink and yellow. She uses the design to fabricate a gorgeous handcut paper snowflake tree for Biotherm. Charles Petillon is the photographer of the project, and a short film exists around the artist’s snowflakes and shows them falling from the sky and travelling around the world, sending ‘Beauty full wishes’ everywhere.

Limited editions by Transiskus

Limited editions of Aquasource Gel, Aquasource Rich Cream, Life Plankton Essence and Lait Corporel have all been designed by Transiskus. A portion of the proceeds is going towards the research fund for the Emperor penguins.

Sabrina Transiskus is the perfect link between brands and the public, and will continue to amaze the world with her gorgeous creations for years to come.

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