Beauty sleep is more than just an expression...

Feel tired? Give your skin a break

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll love your bed - early nights and lie-ins are like a dream come true. However, a survey has shown that 35% of us sleep less than 7 hours a night! Keep reading to find out why beauty sleep is so important...

Put you and your skin to bed

Sleep is a huge part of our body’s healing and renewing system. We need our time in la la land to keep us looking and feeling fresh. When we don’t get enough sleep, we aren’t allowing our body enough time to restore its chemical balance, and it can leave us feeling irritable, sluggish and not at the top of our A-game.

Not only can lack of sleep have a huge impact on how we feel, but it can really affect the way we look. If we get our full eight hours, we can eliminate 60% more toxins, keeping our skin glowing, as well as leaving us more refreshed and clear-headed. Furthermore, as the body falls into its deepest sleep, growth hormones peak and stimulate cell and tissue repair, as well as boosting collagen production. This, paired with the fact that our skin can suffer from dehydration and oxidative stress in the face of a lack of sleep, means that our skin quality can really take a hit when we’re tired - including provoking breakouts, dark circles around the eyes and even premature skin aging (gulp!).

Tired skin tip #1: plumping night masks

If you occasionally find yourself unable to fit in those full eight hours, use an overnight mask such as Biotherm’s Aquasource Everplump Night to fake that rested glow. Equipped with dark cultivated algae extract that reenergizes skin in the absence of light, your colleagues will be none the wiser to your late night antics thanks to your water-plumped, vibrant skin. However, note that the mask’s best results will only be achieved if you are actually rested!

Tired skin tip #2: no mobile phones

To make sure you sport the effortless “I woke up like this” look in the morning, try not to use your mobile phone or laptop 30 minutes before you go to sleep. We get that Netflix is addictive, but save it for tomorrow! Electronic devices emit a blue light that mimics daylight and stimulates the brain, which could lead to a disrupted night's sleep.

Tired skin tip #3: silky slumber

Silk bedding can air on the pricy side, but they’re oh-so worth it! Not only are they hypoallergenic (meaning your skin won’t risk being irritated by miscellaneous materials), they also allow your body to glide smoothly across your sheets when you move in the night so that you don’t pull your skin, therefore helping you to avoid wrinkles.

We know it’s not easy but follow these little tricks so that sleeping beauty needn’t be just be a fairytale...

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