3 simple steps to naturally boost your collagen for youthful skin

Let's make Mother Nature’s youth elixir stretch that little bit further!

Collagen is the key to keeping a youthful appearance. It’s what puts a so-called spring in the step of your skin, giving it elasticity. But as we age our body produces less collagen and that glue that holds everything together starts to fade.

The important role of collagen

The most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen helps us to regenerate, replacing dead skin cells and keeping the skin, hair and joints strong. Many of the complexions unwanted signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dark spots and sagging are down to the fact that collagen production slows the older you get. Whilst we can always reach for our favourite anti-aging cream to help us in the fight, why not also try these simple collagen boosting steps that are as easy to follow as 1-2-3…

Top tip #1: The power of Algae

Who knew that one of the secrets of boosting collagen was sitting at the bottom of the sea? Research on the beneficial effects of marine algae compounds in cosmeceuticals has found that algae is able to prevent oxidation from killing off collagen. In Asia, seaweed has been a popular part of cuisine for centuries. You can include it in salads, sushi and soups. For an easy daily dose, embrace this clever sea vegetable into your beauty routine with Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Multi Defender, which combines the forces of red algae and the “Algae of Youth” to repair and protect. Target problem areas like eyes with Blue Therapy Eye Opening Serum to put the power of algae to work to depuff eye bags and smooth wrinkles.

Top tip #2: Sensible sun exposure

Although the Vitamin D we absorb from the sun’s rays can be beneficial, we also all know by now that exposure to the sun is very aging. You don’t need to burn for damage to be done. UVA light doesn’t cause sunburn but still penetrates under the skin to damage the fibroblast cells, which are responsible for producing collagen. Choose a good sunscreen with extra anti-aging properties like crème solaire anti âge. It not only offers UVA and UVB protection, but has the added support of antioxidant vitamin E and regenerating Life Plankton. For the winter months, why not make your products work extra hard, by choosing one which does two jobs. Aquasource SPF 15 not only gives your skin as much protection as the original model, but it’s also enriched with sun protection, anti-pollution shea extract and vitamin E for your most quenched, repaired, protected moisturizer yet.

Top tip #3: Eat collagen boosting foods

We already know that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables are good for our skin. Making sure your diet is specifically packed with leafy greens like spinach and kale, tomatoes, red peppers, sweet potatoes and carrots mean you’ll be loading up on the vitamins that help to restore damaged collagen levels. Opt for antioxidant packed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries too.

Try out this anti-aging trio of tips to naturally help your body keep its collagen levels topped up.

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