Re-energize your skincare routine post-workout

Get your skin in the best shape of its life

According to research conducted by the University of British Columbia , exercising is not only good for your body but it’s also great for your mind. Keeping up an active lifestyle is essential, pumping iron at the gym or enjoying a morning run in fresh air, however we often forget that our skin can do with some extra TLC after exercising. There are three areas in which a workout can affect your skin, and Biotherm’s has got you covered. Keep reading to discover exactly how to revitalize your skin after your workout.

1. Exercising can work up a sweat, so deep purification post-workout is essential

The endorphins we release during exercise leave us feeling great post-workout, however it can take its toll on our skin. According dermal therapist Erin Holohan, the salt and bacteria released when you sweat can react with the atmosphere, oxidizing and leading to clogged pores and irritated skin. Don’t hesitate to get out of your gym clothes and into the shower to limit the amount of moisture trapped and bacteria transferred which can lead to skin infection and breakouts, says New York City dermatologist, Neal Schultz MD.

To kickstart your skin after your workout, adopt the Skin Fitness Purifying Body Foam . Formulated with AHAs and Spirulina, this rich cleansing foam lathers onto skin in the shower to purify your body of any impurities which have built up during a workout. The concentration of this blue-green microalgae boosts the cellular energy of our skin, renewing, smoothing and invigorating our skin.

2. Accelerate your post-workout recovery

Skincare expert Dennille Ludenau explains that when we put our bodies under stress during a workout, the hormone, cortisol, is released which can lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and leave our skin lacking volume and plumpness. Biotherm have recognized this, and have formulated the second step in our after-exercise skincare routine; the Skin Fitness Firming Body Emulsion. With a fresh gel texture, this highly concentrated formula delivers the active ingredients from Camphor, topical magnesium and sodium to replenish skin and stimulate microcirculation to get your blood pumping and trigger repair. Skin is instantly hydrated, replenished and toned up, to leave you and your skin feeling great, quicker.

3. Rehydrate and replenish worked-out skin

After exercise, our body needs to replenish the water and electrolytes that have been lost, rehydrating and recuperating to get the most out of our workout and leave our bodies healthy and enhanced. Furthermore, this effect can be exacerbated by the environment we train in, encountering harmful UV rays, wind and friction from sportswear. To keep our skin looking as fit and healthy as we train for, the Skin Fitness Instant Smoothing Body Treatment is the antidote to a rough, dry body. With its concentration of hyaluronic acid, which delivers moisture deep into the skin to plump and rehydrate, this revitalizing gel retextures the body’s surface, smoothing, firming and reigniting radiance to leave you comfortable in the skin you're in.

After a hard workout, you deserve great skin!

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