The ultimate travel skincare guide for sea lovers

Here are our vacation tips and tricks for you true mermaids out there!

A week spent by the sea, lounging on the beach and enjoying a refreshing juice just screams summer, so why not have a beauty routine to match? For all you sea lovers out there, this one's for you!

Pre-vacation prep

Pamper yourself into prime condition for your beach break. Exfoliate skin to make sure that you have the perfect blank canvas for a gorgeous golden holiday glow. Use Biotherm’s Oil Therapy Huile De Gommage, a nourishing exfoliating oil enriched with 3 different precious oils to leave skin replenished, nourished and softened, ready to hit the beach. As sea-lovers, make sure to use an exfoliator like this one which doesn’t use polyethylene microbeads, an element that can be particularly harmful to our oceans and its marine life.

Shield against the airplane

When travelling by plane, the air conditioning can be seriously dehydrating for skin. Normally experts say to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, but why not up the intake to truly keep skin cells nourished? Make sure you apply a rich moisturizer such as Aquasource Gel the morning of your journey, which will leave you with intensely moisturized skin for 48 hours after application. Enriched with the miracle ingredient Life Plankton, this ocean-based product will help you to step off the plane looking radiant and rejuvenated - who said travelling had to take its toll?

Guard your skin from the sun

It’s easy to get over-excited and hit the tanning hard, but it is essential that you keep reapplying sun protection every 2 hours throughout your trip to keep skin damage-free - contrary to common belief, we still tan whilst wearing sunscreen. For the true mermaids out there, smooth on Waterlover Sun Milk, which gives you ultimate sun protection, whilst also having a 95% biodegradable base formula for a minimum impact on the water environment!

Heal and hydrate the burn

OK, so even with the best intentions, you may have got a little bit too much sun and your skin is starting to feel sensitive. As soon as you feel this happening, be sure to cover yourself up and reach straight for the moisturizer - Sun After - Body Milk deeply hydrates and prevents skin from overheating. Our skin continues to burn after sun exposure, so this little gem, enriched with pure extract of Thermal Plankton, immediately soothes and promotes cellular regeneration in sun-damaged skin.

Keep your makeup light

In between the sunbathing-filled days of no makeup, you might want to dress up a bit when the sun goes down. Keep makeup light to show off your sun-kissed skin and don’t forget to use Life Plankton Essence as the step 0 of your beauty routine. This aquatic-based product uses the natural wonder of algae to nourish skin and help make your complexion look smoother, more even and illuminated for a night you’ll never forget!

No more post-holiday blues: top up your tan

So, you’re back from holiday and can’t wait to show off your paddle boarding pictures as well as your healthy golden glow. However, at some point our tans can start to fade, especially on our face where we’re constantly exfoliating and cleansing. So, top up your tan with Aqua-Gelée Autobronzant, a light facial serum to progressively hydrate skin and give your complexion a natural glow. Enriched with mother-of-pearl hues to catch the light and illuminate skin, as well as Life Plankton in order to nourish and regenerate skin, this secret weapon for bronzed skin will have your colleagues jealous for weeks!

Follow this ultimate, ocean-inspired routine for healthy, sun-kissed skin and make your summer holiday a memorable one for all the right reasons!

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