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How to combat and prevent chafing during a workout

No one can argue that working out is good for you. However, unfortunately it’s not always gentle on your skin. Here’s how to change that!

Whenever we give our all during a workout (inside or outside) we sweat out toxins and our complexion becomes more radiant. However, the constant movement makes our clothes rub against our skin, which can lead to skin chafing. Here are a few tips to prevent it from happening, so that you can be more comfortable while you exercise.

Choose breathable fabrics

Chafing is often caused by a combination of three factors: sweat, humidity, and friction. The zones that are most affected are the inner-thighs, the armpits and the chest (this is why it’s especially important to choose the right kind of sports bra!). Minimize skin irritation by wearing breathable fabrics, like spandex and nylon. Sports physician Dr. Lebar says to favor loose-fitting clothing for your workouts, and advises that cotton is a good choice for most workouts. However, if you enjoy exercising outside, wear clothing that is made out of waterproof fabric – this will help you stay dry, especially if it starts raining during your workout! Don’t forget that some skincare products can also help with exercise-induced chafing. “Sprays and creams that contain zinc and copper help relieve and soothe irritation caused by friction, humidity and inflammation.”

Hydrate your skin before, during and after working out

It’s very important to hydrate both your skin (face and body) before exercising to prevent dehydration. Drink lots of water and apply a cream that will deeply nourish your skin like Skin Fitness Instant Smoothing Body Treatment.

If a person who works out on a regular basis has skin that is prone to dryness, it can get easily dehydrated during exercise. On the other hand, if his or her skin is normal, combination or oily, and they replenish the electrolytes lost, their skin won’t suffer from dehydration”, explains Dr. Lebar. Dry skin is caused by a weakened skin barrier, however applying a firming skincare product like Skin Fitness Firming Body Emulsion will help tone and strengthen your skin. It’s the perfect product to extend the benefits of your workout and soothe chafing!

Follow our tips, and you can say goodbye to uncomfortable workouts!

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